Heroin Addiction, Symptoms, Causes And Treatments

An addiction is a disease that affects how your brain works, thus influencing your behavior in some kind of an erratic way. 

Addiction is when you can’t stop taking a substance. Even though it keeps on affecting you.

And for heroin addiction, is more likely to have a constraint on your finances or cause an emotional effect on your loved ones. 

Heroin Addiction 

Heroin addiction is a disorder that stems from individual use of heroin. It is the changes that occur to one behavior and brain as a result of heroin usage. Heroin is highly addictive


Symptoms of heroin addiction are not different from other types of drug addiction. In the early stage, there might be no telling tales of usage of heroin if the user tends to go to great lengths in hiding the same. But with time, it became clear. If you notice any of the symptoms highlighted below, head over to Legacy drug rehab

  •  There seems to be an increase in agitation or drowsiness 
  • They happened to have slurred speeches. 
  • They become depressed and frustrated
  • They start having memory problems. Like forgetting details or becoming slow. 
  • They tend to have conspicuous needle marks if they are injecting the drug. While they may have runny nose or sores if they use to snort the heroin.
  • They tend to lose their sense of pain. They become numb over time. 
  • There seem to be changed in their appearance or drastic decline and lack of personal hygiene
  • They tend to be more aggressive and likely changes in behavior set in. 
  • Financial issues start setting. They will want to stay high always this resulting in encumbrance on their financial state. 
  • They become more dangerous. 
  • Withdrawal from people. They tend to stop engaging in social or recreational activities. 


As said earlier, heroin is highly addictive. Taking it over time will cause the brain to register with its effects and refuses to perform in the lack of the same substances over time. 

The increase in their vulnerability to the heroine is one major cause of addiction. 

It can also be caused by the abuse of painkillers. Pain-relieving drugs prescribed legally after a surgery or an injury might overtime be abused due to the pleasure the user derives from them. Though this most times may not be the cause most people can’t always resist the urge to pop pills every time they are sick without proper medical consultation. 


Treatment can only be proffered by medical practitioners after a series of tests has been carried out. The results of the test will determine the severity of their addictions and the steps needed to be taken to pull them from addiction. 

There are two ways of treating heroin addictions which are pharmacological (medication) and behavioral modes of treatment. 

Pharmacological Treatment 

This is the use of other medical drugs to aid the detoxification of heroin from the systems of addicts. This is the first step to curing an addiction in a victim. It may seem painful, but detox is not properly administered, treating a heroin addict will pose a lot of problems. It would be hard to successfully cure them of their addiction. Therapists in South Florida rehab specializes in this. They take a particularly holistic approach with treatment which increases the recovery rate by a significant amount.

Behavioural Treatment 

This includes therapy to help fight victims of their urge to use heroin. It can be individual therapy whereby it is the victims and the therapist alone or group therapy whereby many addicts come together under the guides of a therapist to talk about and fight their addictions.  

Therapy helps them to identify the triggers and how best to avoid them. It will also teach them how to resist the urge to use heroin when next they feel craving for the same. 

Therapy will also help them cope with the discomfort that might arise from the treatment. 

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