Here’s how to check mouse dpi – Check your mouse’s sensitivity by measuring its dpi

If you play games, you probably know about mouse sensitivity. Mouse sensitivity and acceleration are very important parameters in gaming performance, especially in competitive first-person shooters like Counter-Strike: GO and Apex Legends. Pro gamers often experiment with various sensitivity settings to find out the amount of sensitivity and acceleration that gives them the most performance.

If you play competitive multiplayer games and are looking at improving your performance, you may want to tweak your mouse sensitivity. DPI(also called PPI) or Dots Per Inch is the quantity in which mouse sensitivity is measured. This is defined as the number of pixels that your cursor will move by for every inch of mouse movement. So for example, if your mouse is set to 1000 dpi, your cursor will move by 1000 pixels for every inch you move your mouse by.

As you can imagine, this is very important for FPS games that require quick responses and fast movement. If you’re used to very little hand movement, you’ll need high dpi to ensure that you can be fast enough in the game.

But the first step to all this is to actually measure your current mouse sensitivity, ie. how to check mouse dpi. This will give you the reference point you need to compare your performance with when you do change your mouse sensitivity.

How to check mouse dpi

1. Check mouse dpi in your mouse settings

If you have a gaming mouse from companies like Corsair, Razer or others, you can probably just check your mouse dpi by just opening the settings app created for your mouse. For example, for Corsair mice, you can use iCue, while for Razer you can use Synapse. You can also change dpi via these apps.

2. How to check mouse dpi if you don’t have a gaming mouse

If you don’t have a gaming mouse, you’ll have to measure dpi yourself. Fortunately, there are websites that help you do that. This is how to check mouse dpi:

  • Go to
  • Get a piece of paper, make cm markings on it, and place your mouse on the paper.
  • Decide the amount of distance that you’ll move the mouse. Typically a few centimeters of movement is enough to measure dpi.
  • Enter that amount in the Target Distance field. Set the Units field to cm.
  • Now, bring your cursor to the start of the ruler at the bottom of the site. Place the piece of paper, with the 0cm mark directly below your mouse.
  • Click and hold the red pointer icon on the ruler at the bottom of the site.
  • Drag the pointer icon to the right, while also ensuring that you’re moving your mouse exactly over the markings on the paper. You don’t have to move it all the way to the right, move the mouse for the target distance you’ve decided.

The website should now give you a rough estimate of your mouse’s DPI. If you have a non-gaming mouse, chances are you don’t have any specialized software for it.

In this case, to change dpi,

  • Open Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.
  • Select the mouse you’re using.
  • Click Basic settings and change the sensitivity of your mouse.

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