Healthcare Gadgets to Help You Stay Healthy in the COVID-19 World

The virus is spreading like the typical flu across the globe. Plus, the second wave of coronavirus has again placed a centre spotlight on our physical health and medical systems. After all, with work from home and online studies, our mental as well physical health is getting affected to a great extent. Considering that, various types of gadgets have been introduced by many healthcare companies around the world.

Furthermore, being at home has turned our daily routine to lethargy and a dearth of physical activity. All of these generate a spike in blood sugar levels, blood pressure readings, stress levels, and so on. However, tracking such things has become difficult with the advent of coronavirus.

But, with these healthcare gadgets, you can monitor or improve your health over the coming months. So, have a glance at the list of top healthcare gadgets that will help you to stay healthy in the COVID-19 world.

1. MaskFone

With the outbreak of coronavirus, face mask has become an important part of our daily life. Therefore, it has evolved a lot in the last few months. One of the evolutions of it is MaskFone; it is a Bluetooth headset in a mask. It renders a blend of protection, convenience, and technology with an in-built microphone and earphones. Thus, it allows you to keep your mask on while listening to music and answering phone calls. Further, it comes in various sizes and has 12 hours of battery life, says a report.

2. Blood pressure monitor

Many of you must be worrying about how to monitor your blood pressure without visiting the clinic. Well, several gadgets are available in the market with which you can keep an eye on your blood pressure levels comfortably. Moreover, the wireless blood pressure gadget is simple to use. It has an armband and cordless device which you can connect to your mobile device through Bluetooth. And get the readings in the mobile app with the tap of the finger.

3. Phone sanitiser plus wireless charger

Until the COVID-19 outbreak, no one was so bothered by how dirty was their smartphone. Now, we obsessively try to keep our phones, hands, in fact, ourselves clean. A UV phone sanitiser eases this process by employing ultraviolet light to kill germs that reside on our smartphones. Furthermore, it combines cleanliness and charging.

4. Kardia ECG monitor

Well, if you are a heart patient, then it’s pretty dangerous to go to hospitals for ECG at this time. With the ECG monitor gadget, you can keep a track of your heart status through an electrocardiogram test. The two-point sensor strip needs to be connected to a mobile app through wireless technology. You simply need to place your phone near the device and put two fingers of both hands on the strip. Your heartbeats will be traced and the result will be out in 30 seconds.

5. Muse 2 brain monitor

In times of a pandemic or quarantine, we should keep our minds healthy too. Many practice yoga and meditation to keep their minds calm and reduce stress. You can also make use of the Muse 2 gadget to help improve it more. This gadget will monitor the electromagnetic waves of your brain, providing information on your stress level. On that basis, it will suggest you relaxing tips too.

6. Blood glucose monitor

People with type 2 diabetes are required to check their sugar levels regularly. In the current situation, it’s riskier to see the doctor or get it monitored in a lab. Regardless of this situation, you can monitor your glucose levels at home easily with the help of a blood glucose monitor and mobile app. All you need to do is put the blood test strip in the device, take a drop of your blood. You’ll soon see the results in your mobile app.

7. AtmoTube air quality monitor

Good quality of air is required not only at home but wherever you travel. Therefore, healthcare manufacturers have come up with a portable air quality monitor to provide you insights into the pollution level of the atmosphere. It is connected to the mobile app through USB connectivity. Further, it also detects harmful gases which are dangerous to your health.

8. Oura Ring wellness tracker

Good quality sleep is linked to good health. However, work from home and flexible timings have made our routine upside down, including sleeping patterns. But with this Oura Ring tracker, a wellness gadget that is designed as a wearable, you’ll be able to track your sleep, heart rate, activity levels, calories burned, and temperature. Further, it is designed by keeping fashion in mind.

9. Fitbit and Xiaomi fitness band

With the beginning of the second wave of virus, it’s dangerous to go to gyms, swimming pools, etc., for physical activities. In addition to this, work from home tends to keep you sitting for long periods, which can lead to unhealthy weight gain. However, with fitness trackers like Fitbit and Xiaomi bands, you’ll constantly get notifications about your calorie output and when to go for a jog.

10. Electric bathtub massage mat

Feeling worn-out and tired is normal, especially in the COVID-19 world. However, we can give a moment to ourselves and relax for some time with an electric bathtub massage mat. It helps you to get the spa experience at home with bubbles and heat. Though it won’t be like the one that you receive at your spa, you can consider it as a stress-relieving substitute. 

Eat healthily, stay healthy!

The above gadgets will help you stay healthy. But, eating healthy will also help you lose weight and have more energy. You need to have nutritious foods to relieve stress and for natural glutathione production.

Now, you must be wondering what is glutathione and what it is used for. There are many important benefits of glutathione , one of them being the overall purification of the body. So, add lots of organic veggies and fruits, eggs, and nuts to your diet and live a healthy life.

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