7 Health Benefits of Olive Oil That You Can’t Ignore

Nature allows us to improve our well-being, and olive oil is just one of the many natural supplements that have a plethora of health benefits. We all want to feel good and do something meaningful to boost our own health on a daily basis, and taking olive oil orally just might be the answer.

Better Heart Health

It may sound too good to be true, but the fact of the matter is that consuming olive oil regularly for a prolonged period of time can effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems. This amazing oil has the ability to lower the blood pressure as well as prevent the arteries hardening.

A huge study involving around 840,000 participants concluded that subjects consuming olive oil on a regular basis had 9% less chance of suffering from heart health issues. What’s more, the data showed they were also 11% less likely to meet an early end caused by cardiovascular problems.

Protection Against Stroke

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Together with heart problems, stroke is one of the biggest health concerns in this day and age. Luckily, studies have shown that taking olive oil regularly can also minimize the risk of stroke for around 40%. One of the main reasons for this amazing benefit is the fact that olives lower cholesterol, which can trigger health issues leading to stroke.

Improve Bone Health

Olive oil is rich in polyphenols, which is a compound that can assist the body in keeping the bones strong. The process of aging affects the bones and joints considerably, which can cause pain, bone loss, and makes the bones more prone to fractures. With regular consumption, oil made from olives prevents the loss of calcium, thus boosting the formation of the bones.

This Oil Is Rich in Antioxidants

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There have been many talks about the dangers of free radicals, but what exactly do they do that’s so dangerous? Well, free radicals are actually molecules that can damage the cells in the human body, thus contributing to a poor immune system and the faster-aging process.

The power of antioxidants found in olive oil can effectively fight against these free radicals and keep your body and skin protected from the external damaging influence. Hydroxytyrosol is the main compound that helps in this case and is readily found in (extra) virgin olive oil.

However, hydroxytyrosol found in olive leaves is even more powerful in protecting the body from the inside. In order to decide how to go about your daily supplements, something you should definitely look into are the benefits of olive leaf extract vs olive oil. It’s important to mention that not all extracts are made equally. Those utilizing the entire olive fruit for further production of hydroxytyrosol could be the ones that can lead to a considerably increased well-being.

Positive Effect on Brain Power

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Another great benefit of olive oil is its ability to maintain and protect brain health. In that respect, continuously consuming this oil can efficiently reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Essentially, this oil is rich in the phenolic components, which seems to be crucial in preventing brain degeneration.

Reduced Risk of Cancer

The way we eat affects our health a lot, and, consequently, this has a big part in cancer risk reduction. A Mediterranean diet that’s rich in olive oil seems to be the ideal choice when it comes to the balanced and healthy eating habits required to minimize the risk of growing cancerous cells.

The Ideal Cooking Oil

Even if we decide to consume olive leaf extract as a daily supplement, that still doesn’t mean that regular olive oil can’t be used in daily life. Quite the contrary. This oil is very resistant to high heat, which makes it an amazing ally for all kinds of food preps. The antioxidants and monounsaturated fats found in this oil remain unchanged during the cooking process and allow you to consume more nutritious and healthier food in the long run.

It’s no wonder that people living in areas where olive oil is abundantly used in a daily diet tend to have a longer life span. Therefore, the connection between olive oil and longevity is clear and shouldn’t be ignored by anyone who wants to boost their well-being and live a healthier lifestyle. 

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