GTA San Andreas trainer info and direct download link

I am a huge fan of the GTA game. GTA San Andreas is the best game to play. If you want to play San Andreas game without many efforts. I mean use cheats and clear the levels or just roam around to perform various tricks. Then you can use GTA SA crazy trainer with more than 150 cheats available. Here are GTA SA crazy trainer explanations and its direct download link

gta san andreas trainer direct download link

GTA SA crazy trainer explanations and direct download link

Below is the link to download this GTA SA crazy trainer. But before that I will tell you some important information about this trainer. 
GTA SA crazy trainer has a large set of cheats available. Each cheat can be activated directly without leaving the game. You have to press different shortcuts for different moves and tricks. See Image below.
gta san andreas trainer explanations
Also, this trainer has “Garage editor” which allows modifying the veichles, the way you want. “Teleporter” option is also there which allows moving the player to any coordinates in the game.

How to run GTA SA crazy trainer with San Andreas Game

You can put the crazy trainer .exe file inside the GTA San Andreas folder. I mean where you install the GTA SA, there will be many files inside the folder. Paste the trainer inside the main Game folder and open it. 
After opening it click on Launch. This will start the game. Now minimize the game (Press “CTRL + ESC“) and in the trainer option select INFO. This will open the list of all the available cheats. You can click on some of the cheats to activate them directly or remember the code given in front of the cheat. Like for example: For infinite health, in GTA SA the code given is “RCTRL + 1“, that means when you press Right CTRL key and 1 key this cheat will be activated. See image above.
Similarly, you can remember the important cheats and use it in your game. If you can’t remember the cheats minimize the game by pressing “CTRL + ESC” button and then choose the cheat you want by clicking on it and get back to the Game. Now download the trainer from the link below.

Download this trainer now

Problem with GTA trainer
Sometimes antivirus detects this trainer as virus and removes it. If you are facing this problem then do whitelist this trainer on your antivirus software. Exclude files option is given in some antivirus software, use that to exclude this trainer .exe file. This trainer is not a virus, so no need to worry about.

So that’s all in “GTA SA crazy trainer details and direct download link”. Hope you enjoyed this post.

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