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Go To The Top Affiliate Programs Designed To Help Others

It is true that being in debt is stressful, which might seem a lot easier to ignore than dealing with. Luckily for you, there are various services, ready to help you in ways to get out of debt and on path towards financial freedom now. Some of the debt relief services, which are quite popular, are debt consolidation, financial counseling, debt settlement, loan refinancing and even some budgeting courses. There are some amazing debt relief affiliate programs, which are available in the market for you. It is true that finding great affiliate programs is always the first step to make some money online. You can log online and get live help, tech support and so much more in this regard.

Going for American Debt Enders:

For the past 12 years or more, American Debt Enders has been providing some counseling services under consumer credit. Here, you can commission of $20 per lead along with $125 per sale. The cookie over here never expires, which is another plus point.

  • American Debt Enders is always that one-stop debt relief company, which is also a member in the current good standing of the NETCHECK and even operates in 46 different states without any complaint. They are ready to offer you with free credit counseling and even a debt dispute program, which is less expensive when compared to debt settlement.
  • The qualified leads might be contactable when you are a minimum of $7500 in debt. The Enders has also partnered with ShareASale, for managing their current affiliate programs. Affiliates have access to some of the best marketing materials like text links and banner ads along with reporting and even some tracking tools.
  • This is a one stop helping hand for your debt relief. Here, the cookies never expire and you will end up with quite some high commission. There are some higher commissions available for some of the more active affiliates.
Go To The Top Affiliate Programs Designed To Help Others

Now time for National Debt Relief:

One of the largest and most trusted debt settlement firms in all over USA, National Debt Relief comes with a commission of $27.50 per lead. It is able to offer you with $41 for per call and $300 per sale. The cookie is available for a long period of 60 days.

National Debt Relief is always committed in helping out people in achieving their current financial freedom through the art of debt settlement. They are probably one of the best and largest debt settlement firms in the USA and also accredited by AFCC, BBB and IAPDA. It proves the importance and trustworthiness of this firm.

  • Affiliates will further have access to some of the high quality banners, tracking tools and text links through the field of ShareASale.
  • This field is able to offer affiliates with some resources and ongoing training for helping in maximizing lead conversions well. You can further contact the team for some more details about new pay per sale program over here.

There are some good reasons for promotional National Debt Relief Company for your help. It is one of the top debt settlement firms of all time with amazing commission rates. If that wasn’t enough, the services come handy with higher volume affiliates, which can help each higher commission. Affiliates can further help you earn money by just referring to other affiliates. Each month, you get the chance to earn 12% of referral’s commission, which is a great deal of money!

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Guardian Debt Relief:

Thousands of people have already successfully reduced their debt, thanks to Guardian Debt Relief. It has commission of $32 per lead with $45 per call made. Moreover, it is able to offer $325 on per closed deal. It is a trusted and even certified IAPDA and AFCC debt relief firm, which comes handy with A+ BBB rating.

  • This firm has already helped so many people reduce their debts successfully and you can be next. For that, this company used debt negotiation which is also a promising alternative to debt consolidation loans or bankruptcy. 
  • The programs are free from any upfront fee. They are only going to get paid after they have helped clients reduce the current debt successfully. 
  • The qualified leads are going to have $10,000 and more in the unsecured debts and live in qualified state. The company manages affiliate programs with ShareASale and offers access to some tracking and creative tools.
  • Affiliates can also help in promoting services on websites, display ads, PPC campaigns, affiliate directories and even newsletters. 

It is a certified and trusted debt relief firm with high commissions settled for closed deals. It comes with great commission for referrals as well. Affiliates get the chance to earn around 155 referral commission on any commission that you referred affiliates earn.

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Go for CuraDebt:

CuraDebt happens to be one of the best debt settlement, negotiation and tax debt relief firms working online. It comes with a commission of $25 and a cookie that never expires! CuraDebt is one top-rated debt settlement, consolidation, negotiation and tax debt relief firm with over 16 years of experience. It has100+years of combined tax based debt relief experience. The company uses its experience and knowledge for ensuring that you receive best possible results.

  • They always have high conversion rate as the application takes 1 minute to complete and it only needs a request for free consultation. So, there is no risk involved.
  • CuraDebt takes help from ShareASale for managing the affiliate program like most of the other renowned companies. It was since 1998 that they have been running business and affiliate programs and understand how vital it is to create long term relationships with affiliates.
  • This top-rated firm strives to build lasting relations with affiliates and you can join with commission junction and get bonuses for some higher sales. But, here the cookie lie is for a period of 45 days only.
You can choose whichever company you want to work with and start earning commissions then and there.

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