Get Yourself a Lasting Solution to Your Joint Pain Problem

Experiencing joint pain can be very painful and limiting. It affects you both physically and emotionally, especially when your pain gets extreme.  You cannot move the affected part of your body, mostly when it affects your elbow, knee, or foot. Luckily we have William L Yancey MD, who is committed to ensuring you are out of your pain and back to enjoying your daily life.

There are many different causes of joint pain depending on which part of your body is affected. Some of these causes are dislocation on your joint, a fractured bone, tear or strain in your muscle or ligaments. Septic arthritis, which affects your joints, and osteomyelitis which is an infection to your bone. Lyme disease can also cause joint pain as well as tendon injuries.


It is always advisable to see your doctor if you are experiencing pain in your knee joint, especially if your pain is persistent. During your visit, you and your doctor will go through your medical history to determine the pain source.

Physical examination

Your doctor will carry out a physical examination by investigating your knee for any swelling. He will also check if you have any bruises and knee tenderness. Your doctor may fold your knee forward, backward, feeling the top of the knee and the inside of the knee. The examination helps the doctor identify any injury sign to the tendons, cartilage, or muscle.

Image tests

Your doctor may request further tests like an X-ray to check for structural damage and any degenerative joint disease, an MRI to check for any abnormalities in your ligaments, cartilage, tendons, and muscles. Your doctor may also request a CT scan to check for any bone issue. To examine your soft tissue structure, your doctor may ask you to have an ultrasound.

Treatment for knee joint pain

Depending on your condition and the root cause of your knee pain, your doctor will come up with a treatment plan for you. These include:


Your doctor may prescribe some pain relieving medicine to buy over-the-counter for you to be careful to avoid weakening your muscles. Your doctor will also offer treatment for any underlying condition you might have.

You can also try Relief Factor that contains all the natural ingredients like turmeric which relieves the ongoing pain in the joints or muscles and inflammation in no time.

Physical therapy

Working closely with a physiotherapist, your doctor may develop an exercise program for you to help build and stretch your muscles.  You may be requested to be putting on knee braces if your doctor finds it helpful. Depending on how your knee moves or stays, your doctor may recommend applying adhesive tape on your kneecap.


For you to improve on your movement, your doctor may recommend you get a hyaluronic acid injection. When the fluid is injected into your knee by your doctor, it lubricates your joints, and you can move. It also reduces your pain.

Dorsal root ganglion

Your doctor may recommend you undergo dorsal root ganglion stimulation if you experience chronic pain in your knee.  The treatment will help reduce your pain and feel comfortable.

For more details on how to get a lasting solution to your joint pain, call or book an appointment online with Yance pain & Spine.

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