4 Game Apps That Can Improve Your Memory

Do you keep on forgetting simple things?

Maybe it’s simply forgetting which brand of gaming mouse you were going to buy – as advised by that geeky friend of yours. Of course, you can always rely on the best product site from AuthorityAdviser.

But remember that a strong body equals a strong mind.
Hitting the gym is simply not going to cut it if you’re not keeping your mind as sharp as it should be. And studies have shown that it is normal for our general cognition to decrease as we age. To some extent, it is considered natural for us humans to experience memory loss as we grow older.

Scary isn’t it? As you grow older it’ll be more of a challenge for you to acquire new information or simply remember familiar facts. But don’t fret just yet. Since all of those have been established, games that improve memory have been created.

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These are cognitive training games that help improve your memory. Studies have already been revealed that older adults are capable of improving their memory by regularly exercising their cognitive abilities and being physically fit.

#1 Lumosity

Whether you want to focus on your problem-solving skills, memory retention or your attention span, Lumosity will help train your brain to be mentally fit in all aspects you want to concentrate on.

This app is based on the study of neuroplasticity- which is the notion that your brain can reorganize and change itself when given the right kind of exercise and training. So if you want to stay sharp, focus at work or do better at school then this is for you.

It gives you a daily dose of brain workouts designed by neuroscientists. This game uses shapes and patterns to develop your cognitive abilities in a subtle way. The games have been designed to factor mental workout the same way as you would train in a gym.

#2 Peak

This game app has a wide variety of subjects from mental agility, attention, memory and language. There are more than 30 games to help exercise your brain. This app give you daily brain workouts as well.

On launching this game app, you are met with a wide variety of categories to choose from. You can either select problem solving, focus, mental agility and a lot more to improve and build your cognitive abilities.

Once a category has been selected, Peak will then present you with different mind games to help you improve your mental capacity. This is a great app because you’ll be reminded to play daily workouts and your performance is being tracked to ensure you know your progress.

#3 Elevate

This is a brain training app created before Peak. This app has a similar launching feature as Peak because you can also choose which category you would like to work on, and from there the game will initiate tests to start your brain training exercise.

What’s different is that after signing up for an account, you will have to undergo a test to evaluate which key areas you need to improve. This gives the app an edge over other games.

With its minimalistic design and its user-friendly interface, this game will likely be easier for people to play.

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#4 Fit Brains Trainer

The developers of this game say that they have incorporated brain exercises by adapting a learning system that measures and scales your cognitive capacity across different areas of the brain.

The app has tools to track your development so you can easily see which areas you have been improving on by playing the game.

Each exercise has 4 stages. Most of the exercises can be accomplished within 5 minutes so it’s a simple way to pause and mentally challenge yourself to be sharper. Over time the games become more challenging and they regularly add new exercises to keep building everybody’s mental strength.


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