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Future of Solar Energy Based electric Cars

Solar Energy Based electric Cars

When it comes to transportation, the future is electric vehicles. Recently, the Indian Government set a goal to manufacture more than 7 lakh electric cars by the end of 2022 that would run on the Indian roads. To accelerate the same, the Indian Government has initiated some subsidy policies for the automobile manufacturers for the solar based electric cars to encourage the country’s adoption.

Over the past couple of years, solar panel manufacturers across the world have been focusing on the implementation of sustainable forms of energy. As a result, solar energy comes out as a sustainable and reasonable form of Renewable energy that carries the prospective to replace traditional energy sources and offers power security for industrial developments in future.

In the same way, the automobile industry continues to be modified by concerns over oil supplies, ecological implications, and fuel expenses. This has been the reason for a variety of hybrid technologies coming into existence, including solar cars.

What Are Electric Cars And How They Operate On Solar?

Solar powered cars are electric vehicles that utilize solar energy to operate. They make use of photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into power. When this eco-friendly electric car with solar panels mounted on the top is accelerated, the solar battery transmits power to run the electrical engine and boost the vehicle’s movement consecutively.

Additionally, when an electric car is in direct sunlight, the solar panels mounted on the electric car absorb the sunlight and convert them into electrical energy, then store them in the solar battery for further use in the night or when there is no direct sunlight. Therefore, the solar-operated electric car helps reduce air pollution and can further diminish noise pollution.

The solar car is undoubtedly one of the most advanced alternative energy based vehicles and contains enormous prospects for the growing electric automobile sector. Many models of solar based cars are presently under development. Both small and large automobile companies are researching hybrid solar cars. In addition, many automobile companies are already functioning on ways to capitalize on the idea of electric cars with interim technology, like using rooftop solar panels for charging batteries and operating internal systems.

However, solar cars do have many design and technological constraints. Some of these are partially bound to aesthetics. For example, such cars need to put up several solar panels, and also there is limited space for the same. That’s why most solar vehicles created until now are intended to run in solar car races and are not meant for regular use.

Future of Electric Car with Solar Panel

Presently, many leading automobile manufacturers are making considerable investments in the research and development of electric cars with made in India solar panels. Hence, it can be determined that this technology is transforming the automobile business, and the future of electric cars powered by solar is bright in India.

The traction towards electric vehicles has been increased to remain at par with the rest of the world. Lately, the Indian Government announced that by the end of 2030, only electric cars would be marketed in India, and there might be a complete prohibition on petrol or diesel-run cars.

While the certainty of an accessible, mainstream solar-powered car continues to be a distant reality, solar energy can support other means of more sustainable transportation. Of course, solar-charged vehicles themselves are not tailored with solar panels. Still, they are powered by electricity externally produced by solar panels, positioned on the roof of a house or building, etc. 

There is also the possibility of installing solar panels on the roofs of electric cars, already recognized in several commercial models, as a supplementary power source that does not actually aim to move the car but can deliver the energy required for other uses, like powering the air conditioning.

However, so far, none of the vehicles have been intended to 100% depend on solar energy alone. But that doesn’t mean that they will not become widespread in the coming years. Current research into high-efficiency solar modules and low-weight batteries may one day make solar-powered cars viable.

At present, utilizing photovoltaic panels for automobile travel has not proven to be an effective solution to the problem of replacing fossil fuels. Still, it could serve to power other systems. In the end, the future of sustainable transportation depends on understanding how best to exploit each clean technology.


India is located in the tropical region and has vast solar energy potential. Thus, the idea of solar-based electric vehicles can be optimistically derived forward for broader implementation. Furthermore, the innovative use of solar energy in the automobile industry can result in an environmentally friendly future. Insolation Energy is a leading solar power company in India that offers dependable, light-weight, compact, and best solar panels in India, including solar batteries. 

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