Future of Data Storage – 7 Things To Know

When it comes to the constantly evolving world of digital storage, we need more and more advanced methods of data management. What sort of things should businesses beware of going forward? What can we expect from the data storage of the future? We put data storage under a microscope to try and find out what the future holds.

What You Need To Know About Data in the Future

1 – Machine Learning is a Huge Thing

In the coming seasons we are going to see the growth of machine learning to a degree we haven’t experienced yet. AI is advancing, like it or not, and so the future of data storage needs to shape itself to fit this new method of working. AI is going to need to be able to simultaneously compute and store only necessary data… and therein lies the proverbial rub. Discerning what is, and what isn’t, useful data has been a bugbear of the AI industry for years. 

2 – Data won’t be Deleted

It is becoming more and more costly to delete data – and not just in terms of data compliance, either. Every customer record deleted is information lost. Market research that goes to waste through unprocessed analytical data isn’t any use either though, so data storage devices will be sold on. The likes of used IBM storage can be refurbished to recycle a product and save on costs.

3 – Scalable Systems will Rise

There is already a huge drive towards more scalable systems. Data growth is unprecedented at the moment, leading to big data dumps the likes of which we haven’t seen before… which brings us to our fourth point.

4 – Big Data Needs Dissected

If we are to progress we need to work on the issue from both sides. We can increase the size of our data storage capacities all we like – but there is no point in reserving a gigabyte allocation for a firm that uses less or more than that. Since the Fortune 500’s are now working in Petabyte scales, we need to be breaking down these big data dumps at the same time as we are growing the capacities of our data storage technology.

5 – Storage will get Bigger

One only has to look back at the last ten years to recall how big a 2 GB SD card was at one time. As our technological capabilities progress data storage hardware will get smaller, while the memory size will get larger. The proof is in the past few years for this point.

6 – Data Backups will be More Important

There are too many firms out there that have not got the capacity to back up their systems. Either it costs too much in storage or they simply don’t know how. Backing up data is likely to become a more specialist business, possibly even occupying its own niche in the tech industry… just watch this space.

7 – Compliance Will get Tighter

If you thought data storage law was tough already, we can assure you that it is going to get tighter in the coming years. The EU was the first to make a move in this department, but you can be sure it won’t stop there. Like a wave, internet security and data storage safety are going to be at the forefront of the digital age. 

Are you ready for the future? There’s only one way to find out…

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