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Funny Couples Gifts – Laughter Guaranteed

Funny Couples Gifts

Finding the right present for your partner can be a daunting task. You already know what’s suitable for their taste or not, but sometimes, the perfect gift still doesn’t seem to exist. With that said, your best route is to look for something to make laugh. You might be surprised that, often, the greatest gifts are those that would bring them in stitches. Weave humor into your gift-giving endeavor and your significant other will surely have it remembered. For your beloved partner, here are some gifts that will guarantee their laughter.

#1 Karaoke Microphone

Does your partner love to sing his or her heart out during your road trips? Give them the formal permission to bell out their embarrassing favorites on their playlist and get your laughs throughout your journey. A portable karaoke microphone is handy for any of your memorable singing sessions along the way.

#2 Toilet Bowl Sensor Night Light

If you have a partner that usually does that midnight toilet run, this gift would surely make them laugh. Illuminate their throne with a toilet bowl sensor night light. So, every time they need to evacuate their bladder, they’ll be under the glow of their most-loved color. A funny yet incredibly useful present that will lessen the likelihood of arguments the following morning.

#3 Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Pets

Have extreme love for pets? Transform your pussy or puppy into a pony by inflatable unicorn horn. It will make your pets an instant mythical and majestic creature, deserving of the royal life they live under your care and love. Take photos of your furry-friends’ transformation, and you’ll both surely laugh about their cuteness.

#4 Selfie Toaster

Looking for something to laugh about at the start of the day? Why not give your partner the most narcissistic toaster ever! Get a customized-metal insert featuring your partner’s face and infuse their look into every toast you’ll make. Freak them out and have them laugh about later with edible pictures of themselves.

#5 Edible Insects Bag

Your partner will eat “anything,” right? Go ahead and dare them to munch on these edible bugs. Dare them to eat crickets, grasshoppers, or silkworms. If they’re on a diet, there’s no excuse as these insects are boiled and not fried. It will surely be a fun experience trying these bugs out.

#6 Backwards Clock

Fortunate enough to meet a math whiz partner? Challenge them with this wall clock whose hands run counterclockwise and make time telling a difficult chore. Replace their regular one with this backward and see how long would it take for them to figure out and see this fun gift.

#7 ‘Maybe You Touched Your Genitals’ Hand Sanitizer

Living with a partner who loves to rearrange his thing down there then, get his hands straight to your bowl of chips? If you’re not able to tell him this directly, go on it in a fun way. Get your significant other this “Maybe You Touched Your Genitals'” hand sanitizer. Not only this present will have them in stitches, but it’s also handy and can stir some realizations on your partner’s end.

#8 Beer Belly Fanny Pack

If you are wondering how your partner would like with some added fats in his belly, get this funny present for your boo. Have him wear this in the right circumstances, and who knows he might find this very trendy and high fashion

#9 Toilet Seat Dump Set

For girls who have partners that spends much time in the bathroom, you no longer need to be stressed any longer thinking about what he’s doing. Is he talking to an ex or hiding something? Stop your worries and get this toilet seat dump set right away. This will surely make your partner laugh about the idea about playing hoops while in the bathroom and will get you peace of mind knowing what he’s busy at.

#10 Farting Coin Drop Bank

Get your partner a fun way to save those extra coins after a grocery with this farting coin bank. It allows you to put the coins like the usual way you used to, but it’s releases a fart each time it receives money. It’s a cute way to save on money while also releasing some steam. It provides a humorous twist on what was supposed to be a typical gift.

#11 Butt Face Towel

This towel has two separate sides labeled with ‘butt,’ and the other one with ‘face.’ Through that, your partner will no longer end up drying or washing his or her face with the wrong side of the towel. There’s always a fun way to keep things separated and to know which is which.

#12 Emergency Underpants Supply

It’s hilarious to imagine your partner soiling their underpants so, make sure they’re always ready. Gift your partner these emergency underpants so they’ll have something to use until they reach home. This supply isn’t designed to replace typical underwear. It functions more of a spare tire. They can use it until they can have it replaced with a normal one.

#13 Ceramic Toilet Mug

This is a mug perfect for your significant other, who is a certified coffee lover. Give them this mug, and each sip would surely be a memorable one. Don’t worry as this item is made out of high-quality ceramic, so all they can expect is durability and more time with this fun gift.

#14 Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are incredibly hilarious, depicting numerous celebrities and prominent personalities in strange ways. Just by looking at them, you’ll surely throw out some laugh. If you want to make your partner laugh, go ahead and get them their own customized Bobblehead. Send in their photos and play with the situations they’ll be portraying. Your partner will surely be happy seeing his or her Bobblehead and also appreciate the effort.

#15 Chia Pet

Is your partner seeking to foster some cats or dogs but is allergic to them? Get them a cute pet that’s easy to manage and won’t set their sinuses on fire. Having a chia pet is fun and low-maintenance. Plus, they’ll surely be surprised that they can even make herbal tea from its leaves.

While it’s great to give or receive sentimental gifts, often, you need to break the ice and go extreme. These funny gifts are an excellent and memorable alternative in showing much you love them while leaving them laughing or smiling after.

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