Best Free Screen Recording Tool 2021 – IObit Screen Recorder with No Watermark &No Time limitation

Are you addicted to using screen recorders for your business? Many YouTubers and other video makers need to record the screen of their laptops. Especially if you are a gamer and want to do live streaming on Youtube, you have to run your screen recorder and engage the audience. Have you interacted with hundreds of screen recorders online? If yes, most of them will be useless when it comes to the functionality and speed of the app. However, to be honest, you need a screen recorder software that provides you maximum flexibility and multiple features at once.

Depending on your requirements, we have brought a top-notch screen recorder that can help you get through numerous tasks related to screen recording. In this article, we will discuss the IObit Screen Recorder and how to use it for screen recording purposes.

What is IObit Screen Recorder?

IObit Screen Recorder is a free tool available online for your screen recording. This software is manufactured by the IObit being the leading tool in the industry. For your game recordings and technical apps tutorials, it is all in one solution that is quite safe to use. 

How to install the IObit Screen Recorder?

It is quite easy to install this tool and utilize it for your purposes. Here is step by step guide you should go through and install this tool.

  • Visit the website on this link address.
  • You will see a download button which is key to approach its downloadable version.
  • Once you have tapped this button, the download will start that may be up to 28 MBS.
  • After downloading the file on your Windows laptop, you can install it and employ it.

How to record the screen with an IObit Screen Recorder?

Have you installed this tool on your laptop? If this is true, we can move forward to the recording process. IObit Screen Recorder is a perfect tool for beginners who don’t know how to use and record the videos. A simple guide provided for this tool can work better for them. Moving on to the recording process, here are simple steps that could help you in this regard.

  • Open the best Free Screen Recorder on your screen and select the area on which you want to record. You can go for the full-screen record option as happens mostly in cases of recording games or harness it to record a specific portion of the screen.
  • Click on the recording to record the screen of your laptop. 
  • After completing the recorded time, you can save the whole video. Apart from that, you can edit some of the portions you want to remove or add. 

Final Thoughts

Have you got an overview of the IObit Screen Recorder? You can employ this tool being a social media influencer and want to provide people with some tutorials or guides. With a user-friendly interface, you can navigate to each option quickly and save your preferences for upcoming projects. Numerous people have downloaded this free tool to record their screen.

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