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Fantasy premier league is the ultimate source of fun, entertainment, and zest as it is the biggest online platform of real football. Even though the setup doesn’t include any sort of real-time gameplay, yet it has managed to win hearts across the globe due to its stupendous amalgamation of the real and the fantasy football world. You are connected to the universe of football just by sitting in front of your screens and managing your teams online. The next big question is how one plays this champions league fantasy game when there is not much factual playing. Here is a brief guide to answer this question. 

Sign up and enter the world

Everything begins with the first step and the first step in this is the signing up or logging your account on the website. Go to the official website and sign yourself up. You can do this by simply clicking on the sign up that is right there on the home page. As you click it, it takes you to a new page. In there, you put all your information in the tabs and agree to the required terms and click done. And you have checked into the world of football.

Designing the team

After signing in, the next thing is constructing your team. For a season, you have to select a 15-membered team. You are given a budget and you have to buy the players in that limited budget. Every player has a different worth and it depends upon how well they have performed in the previous season. This is quite similar to the actual teaming scenarios where club managers bid for players and their rates are increased or decreased according to their playing quality. You can select players from all the football clubs. But you are confined to choose a maximum of three players from a single club. That means if you have selected three players from a club, you cannot pick any more players from that particular club.

Also, you need to pick players so that you have 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 mid-fielders and three forwards. You cannot go out of the box and select 6 defenders and 2 forwards or any such combination for your team. The budget you get to create your team is usually 100 million. You have to spend this money carefully because once your team is created, you cannot make more than one change without giving your points up.

The crucial part

It may not seem so but naming your team is the most important step of team design in FPL. You need to come up with a unique one because your club name reflects its potential in the FPL world. And likewise, if your club’s name is an absurd one so is your reputation among the arena fellows. But the good thing about FPL is that it lets you make whatever change you want in your team design or structure. You can change your team’s name at any stage of the game.


Ultimately, creating a team is not a difficult task at all but requires elemental knowledge about football and a smart estimation of risk and reward. You need to build a team that ensures growth and each player, even though not the best, has a chance to be better by the clock.

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