Finding a Career Path That Allows You to Prioritize Your Well-Being

Your alarm goes off first thing in the morning. You crawl out of bed groggily and start to get ready for the day. As you drag your feet towards the door and eventually pour yourself into your office chair and begin to work, you mentally tick off the start of one more day. How many until the weekend?

Far too many, that’s for sure.

Work is something that nearly everyone will have to do for at least some portion of their lives —  many of us for the majority of it. However, for hundreds of thousands of people, work isn’t all that fulfilling, if anything it is a challenge just to get through the day.  

A career that is fulfilling and allows you to prioritize your personal well-being is something that many of us search for but few of us manage to find. More and more, employees are demanding the personal life benefits that some careers can offer. 

Here are some steps to putting yourself first in your career path

Do You Care?

They say that passion is everything when it comes to a career — and they’re right. The difference between having a job you’re passionate about and one that drags on over the decades is huge! When choosing a career, make sure it is something you really actually enjoy and that you’re actually going to wake up and want to do every single day. If that is the case, work ceases to feel like a chore. 

Another thing to consider when narrowing down exactly where you want to work is how well the company adapts itself to your work style. Are you able to get out and work in a collaborative environment with your coworkers? Are you able to get away into a quiet workspace when you need to focus? Understanding what you want and need in order to be successful in a workplace environment is key to determining if a workplace is right for you

People who are getting their work needs met and that actually care about the work they are doing are about 1,000 times more likely to be rock stars at their jobs. These are the people that are coming up with bright new ideas and innovative ways to achieve work goals. There is no mistaking someone who loves their job — they have a way of talking about their work that makes you want to hear more, you can really feel the passion radiating from them. 

Do You Have Time for You?

Beyond being a discipline you’re passionate about, any job that is right for you will also help you make time for you. Really, your employer will help you achieve the work-life balance that you need in order to be happy. This can come in many forms including: 

  • A flexible work schedule that allows you to take time off when you need to
  • Clear guidelines and regulations
  • Telework options (especially important in this day and age!)
  • Great benefits
  • Bonuses
  • Personal time off and paid sick leave
  • Child care options
  • Allows office decorations ranging from office plants to holiday customization 

Obviously, the list can go on and on. The big thing is that your workplace is recognizing the work you’re doing and rewarding you for it. After all, no matter what job you are in sooner or later it is bound to be stressful or tough — you deserve to be recognized for your hard work. 

When the stress does come, be sure to manage it properly. Take it from people who are in really stressful positions: nurses. Stress management tips for nurses include things like eating healthy, going for walks, and getting regular sleep. These are tips that can and should be adapted to nearly any career choice!  

Get Going!

As you seek to find the right kind of job for you, there are certainly things you can do to help yourself prepare. One of the biggest ones is making a list of your job requirements. Include things that you feel are must-haves and things that you are willing to be a little flexible on. Negotiating these work requirements is a great way to boost yourself and get everything you really want out of your career. 

The next step is preparing yourself to apply. Have you recently updated your resume to make your achievements really stand out? Resumes are a big deal in the modern job market — if you have a strong one you are far more likely to qualify for jobs and get interviews. Taking this aspect seriously is a big step in getting a career that will help you balance your well-being. 

Determining the career that is right for you isn’t always an easy task. The most critical component to consider when you’re looking for a job that will help you with work-life balance is to make sure it is something you really care about and a position that allows you the flexibility to do what you want to do outside of work. These two factors are absolutely critical to overall workplace happiness. 

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