Fantasy Hurling Apps and how they hurled their way into fantasy sports

Ireland has always been known for its legends and uniqueness. The cliffs of Moher, Saint Patrick, and Westlife are a few of them. On the same lines, in the territory of sports, Ireland has its identity in hurling. 

Hurling has the distinction of being the fastest game in the world. The speed of the game makes the experience of watching it, a delightful and thrilling experience. The finals of the All Ireland Hurling Championship is in position number two of the ‘ten sporting events you have to see live’ compiled by CNN.

The Internet has flattened the world in terms of connectivity and access. This has made so many obscure games like Gaelic football, hurling, and French cricket come into the light. The Gaelic Athletic Association had made €65 million in revenue in 2017. Although the amount that hurling contributed to the revenue is debatable, it cannot be denied that it is the second most popular Gaelic sport after football.

The global penetration of the game and the increasing intensity of fan engagement has given rise to a series of hurling fantasy apps. Before we go on to look at the hurling fantasy sport in specific, let us look at the general stats that say that fantasy sports is the next big thing!

The Scope of Fantasy Sports

In 2017, the Fantasy Sports Trade Association was worth $7.22 billion in the USA and Canada. Most of the revenue was acquired through entry fees. The market has steadily grown from half a million users in 1988 to 60 million users in 2017.

What makes fantasy sports more interesting than the actual game itself is that the access to it is universal. This means that irrespective of the geography, fantasy sports applications will find success as a business. The same idea can be extended to the Gaelic games in general and hurling in specific.

What is a Hurling Fantasy App and How Does it Work?

Fantasy sports apps work on one principle. The game-user picks a team with players of their choice depending on the credits that the user has. They can enter a contest by paying an entry fee. 

Based on the performance of the players in the real game, the virtual team players are also assigned points. The user whose fantasy team players accumulate the highest points is considered the winner.

What Makes Fantasy Hurling Interesting?

  • Playing the fantasy hurling sport does not distract a user from the actual game. It stays very close to the experience of the actual game. It also widens the scope of experience by making the user a part of the game.
  • In the fantasy hurling app, the user acts as a team manager. The responsibility of selecting players and making them play the game falls on the user. It gives users a sense of responsibility and authority.
  • The fantasy hurling app enables the user to win real cash prizes. The cash prizes can be transferred to their bank accounts. This gives users quite a rewarding experience.
  • The fast-paced nature of the hurling game begets passion and thrill. This makes users feel connected to the players and the game itself. In short, fantasy hurling applications have opened avenues for fans to stay connected with the game irrespective of them being in the game arena or not.

The Gameplay

  • A user needs to sign up for the app by creating a login with their email address or phone number or social media account. It retrieves all of the users’ saved information, details and game scores.
  • The users can also use a referral code at the time of signup. It gives them extra points and also gives the referrer some points as well.
  • The actual gameplay starts when a user enters a league. Some of the leagues might be free while some of them have a certain entry fee. The ones without entry fees don’t have any prizes.
  • The user selects their own team of 15 in addition to a manager. The selection of the team has to be within the budget given to the user. The user can choose their players either in the rotisserie way or the auction-based way.
  • The user can make as many changes as they want to the team until the lock-in period. After the lock-in, no team changes are allowed.
  • Most of the hurling fantasy apps provide a facility for users to either watch the game live or at least view the live scores. Based on the performance of the players in their fantasy team, the users stand to win cash prizes.

The gameplay is quite simple and straightforward. This makes hurling fantasy sports an ideal engagement for users from all segments.

To effect a flawless experience of gameplay, certain features have to be in place.

Key Features of a Fantasy Hurling Mobile App:

  • The technology that goes behind creating any sports fantasy app almost remains constant. The difference has to be made in the user experience.
  • The home screen should have a newsfeed, notifications, and navigation controls to different parts of the entire application.
  • Once users sign up, they’ll have their own profiles. They will be able to see the number of leagues that they have joined and played, their social circles, and their winnings.
  • Player information is essential for the users to make calculated decisions to form their fantasy team. A good hurling fantasy app should have information about the teams and the players.
  • The users should also have an option to create their own leagues and invite their own social circles to participate.
  • The app should seamlessly integrate with multiple payment systems to facilitate easy payment of the contest fees and withdrawal of the winnings.
  • Push notifications enable users to know the upcoming games, the commencement of matches, league joins and invitations, and other crucial things. 

The Administrator Area

The administrative controls the functioning of the app. The administrators should have interfaces designed to effortlessly manage the fantasy hurling app.

  • A dedicated dashboard should be available for administrators to check the essential statistics without the clutter of unwanted information. 
  • The admin should also exercise complete control over the financial aspects. They should have a check on all incoming and outgoing money in the fantasy hurling application. This should also include a facility to manage transactions between the app and the bank.
  • There are some users who might exhibit malicious behavior. These instances need to be kept in control. The administrator should have the right to add, delete or disable users.

Users have the power to create their own leagues. The administrator should be in a position to manage the high amount of leagues that have been created.

Creating a Fantasy Hurling App and its costs

Creating a fantasy Sports app for any sport including hurling requires a project manager, app developers, backend developers, and designers.

It also requires an expert in the game who knows the nitty-gritty of the gameplay. Inoru can develop your fantasy hurling sport application with all the essential features intact. Our app is also garnished with an intuitive user interface that will make it a delight for the users.

Take off your own fantasy app of the 4000-year-old Gaelic sport with advance admin control features for about 35,000$ to 50,000$.

If you would like to ride the wave of fantasy sports applications and capitalize on the growing popularity of hurling, drop in your inquiry with us and we will take your idea forward to a full-fledged fantasy hurling app.

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