Family-Friendly Ideas for a Weekend Trip to Arlington

Nestled beside the beating heart of our nation’s capital, Arlington, Virginia, is a major tourist destination for people all across America. If you’re planning a day or weekend trip to Arlington, it can be hard narrowing down the city’s many attractions enough to decide what to check out first.

Need some recommendations? Here are my top pics for family-friendly activities in Arlington, VA.

Enjoy the View from the CEB Tower Observation Deck

Want to make the most of your visit to Arlington? What if I told you there was a way to every last one of the area’s many monuments, historic sites, monuments, and attractions all at once? Even better, what if I told you that you could do it from a height of 400 feet? That’s what you’ll get gazing through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows at CEB Tower’s free-to-the-public observation deck.

What’s more, not only is the tower’s 360° panoramic vista of the surrounding landscapes (including the bustling metropolis of Washington, D.C.) an unforgettable sight to behold, it also gives you a scenic bird‘s eye view to look for Arlington houses for sale. Trust me, after you read the next few entries in this list, you’ll never want to leave.

Honor America’s History at Arlington National Cemetery

America’s history is a legacy built by brave men and women who were willing to sacrifice everything to create a better world for their children. That’s an important message for every member of the family to learn and cherish, and no place in West Virginia embodies it better than Arlington National Cemetery.

With its rows and rows of standing white gravestones, the historic cemetery is the resting place for more than 400,000 fallen veterans. It’s also the site of President John F. Kennedy’s grave, which incorporates an eternal flame that never goes out, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where visitors can view the hallowed “changing of the guard” ceremony every hour, on the hour.

Make Learning Fun at the National Children’s Museum

Museums have a reputation for being musty, stolid places that bore the little ones to tears. Not so at Virginia’s ever-popular National Children’s Museum, which successfully combines education with entertainment. It’s so fun, your kids won’t even know they’re learning. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me!

At the National Children’s Museum, kids can experience an immersive, hands-on STEM education interacting with original multimedia exhibits like the Innovation Sandbox, where green screen technology allows them to control the weather with simple hand gestures, or On the Go Go, where they can design, build, and even race toy cars along a customizable, gravity-powered track.

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