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Well… Nah! 

There are several ways to achieve quick detoxification before a drug test and physical exercise is one of them. People looking to detoxify naturally can try a bust of exercise routines days before they are scheduled to take their drug tests.

But What’s The Science Behind It?

As you should know, THC is lipid-soluble and what that means is that the higher amount of body fat a person has the more THC gets absorbed and stored in the body system. In simple terms, people with a higher BMI will retain more THC metabolites than those with a lower BMI.

Working out- burns fatty acids and pushes cannabis back into the blood from where it’s flushed out through urine. It also helps your system expel drug metabolites through sweat.

Yoga to detox

To add to it, you can try these other natural ways to detox. 

  • Drinking-Water: Water helps to cleanse your body system. Drinking 3-4 liters of water a day is an excellent way to aid natural cleansing without excessive urine dilution. However, keep in mind that drinking too much water removes vital electrolytes from your body, and can lead to water intoxication.
  • Lemon Juice Punch: To prevent loss of vital electrolytes from your body, you can make lemon water. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice to 500ml of water for that extra punch in the form of vitamins and electrolytes. Just remember to abstain from weed for it to be effective.
  • Healthy Diet: We recommend that you stay away from junk food during cleansing. Avoid fatty foods, as THC binds to lipids easily, and sugar and sodium increase water retention. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables can significantly speed up detox by expelling cannabinoids through a bowel movement.

But if you need a super quick way to detoxify yourself in time for a drug test, you would want to consider the following methods.

Detox Drinks

These are specially formulated beverages that can help you flush out drug metabolites from your body system quickly. Cannabis detox drinks, as noted in MedSignals’ fact sheet are specific and are able to cleanse out your bladder of all forms of THC residue in time for a drug test.

Detox juice

However, the effect is only temporary. This approach does not fully cleanse your system of cannabis, it only provides a limited time during which your urine is clean. After the effect wears off, cannabis compounds will slowly re-enter your pee, causing positive drug test results again.

Detox Pills

THC detox pills are popular cleansing supplements that cut down detox time by almost 50%. The herbal ingredients assist your body’s natural detox, eliminating marijuana metabolites and free radicals from your system so you can pass a drug test. These tablets are an ideal solution for heavy marijuana users and people with high BMI.

Detox Kits

These are the best marijuana flush products available on the market. A good kit would usually include pre-cleanse pills and dietary fibers, which you should ingest before a urine test. 

What makes these kits so great is their ability to permanently cleanse your body system of all traces of THC and free radicals in a short time. Detox kits are the perfect drug detox solution if you need to pass a drug test.

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