Everything You Should Know About Artificial Grass

Tired of mowing your lawn? Tired of your dog’s urine and feces burning the grass to a dingy yellow or destroying it completely? Maybe you have another reason for wanting to do away with real grass and replacing it with fake grass?

Yes, you absolutely can replace real grass with fake. An artificial lawn has so many benefits too. If you want to know almost all there is to know about an artificial lawn, then you can learn about this landscaping product right here.

What It’s Made Of

A lot of property owners like yourself often wonder what fake turf is made of. The lower quality stuff is entirely plastic, and you can tell when you run your hand over it. The higher quality stuff is almost thread-like, feeling more like the real thing but still not exactly like grass. The best of the best synthetic grass is made of plastic yarn threads interwoven with other materials to give it the exact look and feel of a very green, very healthy, and very natural-looking lawn. You will have to decide just how “real” you want to go with your faux grass and what your budget for this type of product looks like as you move ahead with replacing your natural lawn.

There is a wide range of artificial grass in the market that you can choose.  For example, 0.8 cm height and 1 cm height

Putting Artificial Grass Where You Want the Look of Grass Without the Work

Ever since faux turf was invented, people have become very creative with its uses. Artists may use it for exhibitions to create a sense of outdoors with their sculptures. Offices use it in place of carpeting, which is a very nice touch for realties, real estate agencies, and companies that want to promote anything remotely related to a green lawn. Resorts with a lot of outdoor space but not a huge landscaping budget opt for faux grass because it makes their properties look attractive to guests without the added maintenance expense. Pretty much wherever you can dream of putting real grass you can install the fake stuff. You can also choose between green grass or green brownish grass to suit your need.

It’s What the Pros Use on Ball Fields

You probably already know from watching football or baseball that artificial turf is what keeps the grounds so green in the stadiums. This stuff never has to be cut, weeded, or even watered. The turf is rolled out like a carpet, cut to fit, and secured with special little ground spikes. It looks so much like grass that it’s hard to believe it isn’t until you touch it. You can use the same stuff that sports stadiums use on your own lawn too.

It’s Perfect for Dogs

No matter how much you love your dog, the damage a dog’s feces and urine do to your yard is unpleasant. Now imagine using artificial grass for dog’s favorite areas. If you apply and install this artificial grass right over the top of your natural lawn, then it doesn’t matter how often or even where your dog chooses to potty. The artificial lawn stays green. You may even find it easier to clean up after your pet because the fake grass can be power-washed!

Laying Synthetic Grass Is Just Like Laying Carpet

Well, it’s almost like laying carpet. The “grass” comes on a giant roll like a roll of carpet. The backing of the turf is a woven mesh that helps hold all of the fake blades of grass in the place. It helps to smooth the ground out and grade the earth before you roll the synthetic grass over the top.

Some landscapers may also use an underlayment material, much like putting padding down for carpeting, but that is up to you and your landscaper. (The underlayment material prevents real grass from growing up through the fake grass.) Other than that, laying artificial grass using adhesive glue for artificial turf is an extremely quick and simple process. You can install your fake and very green “lawn” in less than a day.

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