Everything you need to know about storing fresh juices for maximum nutrient retention

In our quest for a healthier lifestyle, we have found an effective way to supplement our daily vegetables and fruits by adding juice. Immediately drinking freshly squeezed juice is the best way to reap the full benefits of the juice. Unfortunately, most people do not have time to make their juice several times a day.

Suppose you find it necessary to store your juice. It is essential to understand how to keep the juice properly to help it retain its youthfulness. Here are some tips on how to store fresh juices to retain more nutrients.

Tips for Storing fresh juices to retain more nutrients

Before diving into the Storage of your Fresh Juices, you need to follow and keep in mind certain very essential tips and tricks. In this blog post, we’ve minutely mentioned every essential tip for Storing Fresh Juices so that nutrients are stored and retained for a longer time and the juice remains fresh. 

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Choosing what fruit to make juice 

You need to choose the fruit or vegetable, which you use to make juice. Fruits and vegetables have different properties, such as how much heat they can maintain to maintain their nutrients and acid levels.

If you plan to drink juice someday, make sure you know which natural product can withstand cold temperatures or freeze. Making the juice of strawberries and bananas can be a great choice for you as they can withstand extreme temperatures and retain nutrients at lower temperatures.

Use Slow Juicer

If you plan to have your juice for more than one day after making it, use a slow-moving juicer, which can be either: brush, twin-gear juicers, or this hydraulic juice press. As you know that every juice has its RPM. If you want to store the juice for a longer time, then you can use the juices which have low RPM.  

The juice with low RPM produces less heat as compared to the juice whose RPM is high as Low RPM Juicers are Champion juicers or slow juicers, while High RPM Juicers are centrifugal juicers.

The centrifugal juicers have High RPM juice whereas the cold-pressed juicers have low RPM. Therefore, producing the juice in Low RPM juices can last up to 72 hours (sometimes even longer) but in high RPM juice only for 24 hours. As an added benefit, slower juicers are more efficient and will produce more juice than centrifugal juicers.

Strain to remove the pulp

The juice means no spam, but sometimes, you will find the pulp still held if you use a traditional or centrifugal juicer. There is nothing wrong with pulp in the juice, but you need to make some changes in storing your juice. Removing the strain from the juice helps to increase the life of your juice. The pulp will still contain browning enzyme elements, making your juice brown faster.

Store Your Juice Quickly at Refrigerator

After transferring your juice to a container, it is time to store it in the refrigerator. Refrigerating your juice puts it at a lower temperature. It helps to slow down the cellular movement of your juice, retain its youthfulness, reduce inflammation, and retain its nutrients. 

Allow the juice to be stored longer. For best results, place your fruit juice and vegetables straight in the fridge, and store your juice when you have finished making the juice. Also, you can use freezer safe glass containers to store the juice in the Refrigerator.

Add some nature reserves.

Most importantly, you can add some natural preservatives which help to extend the life of your juice. There are certain preservatives on the market, but most people use honey and citric acid. Honey is known as an additive to help stretch youth. It also helps with delaying quality loss, bacterial development, and pigment changes.

Use dark or light containers.

Light may still interfere with your juice. Degradation is the process by which food quickly deteriorates as a result of exposure to sunlight. Light carries a wide range of energy waves, such as ultraviolet light that has various effects. It will quickly reduce body composition and chemicals in juice, causing discoloration, loss of nutrients, and loss of taste.

It is a better choice to keep your juice inside a light or dark container. It will extinguish the lamp, making the food inside the container not disturb the light. Consider buying dark or light bottles or containers. Glass bottles or containers such as glass bottles are good choices. However, you can also use plastic containers that are safe for food.

Plan Ahead

How much juice will you and your family drink? What kind of juice do you like? Answer these simple questions and keep them in mind as you shop. It will reduce waste or excess juice.

Vacuum containers are closed and airtight containers.

When storing your juice, consider using vacuum-filled containers. If not available, a simple step is to fill the container with juice from the lid. Make sure your container cap has a flat bottom so that no excess air will be stored when closed.

The best bet would still be vacuum-filled containers. It will ensure that no air can enter, eliminating the problem in a vacuum container. You can also use sin pots.

Fill the juice up to the top 

If you store your juice in a mason jar or bowl, fill it to the end. It retains as much oxygen as possible to prevent the juice from oxidizing over time.

You can use Stainless Steel Jugs for storage

If you want to make a large amount of juice, a stainless steel jug is also a good option as they are lighter than glass and help to block all types of light when you put a lid on a container. The metal will also not break if you throw it away, making small pots suitable for families with children and pets. If you get a closed jar, the content will stay cold longer than usual again.

Use Mason Glass jars

Suppose you entertain guests often or need to make and store large amounts of juice. In that case, an airtight glass jar may work. A mason glass jar holds more than a mason bottle or a glass bottle, but some come with an ice cube that you can put in a pitcher to keep your juice cold without spilling it on the floor. Some come with an infuser to add fresh herbs or other whole fruit without the hassle of removing it later.


Juice can stay if you follow the steps correctly. It can be helpful when researching what foods to consider to make juice. What food will be juice will be a significant factor, but that would not be enough if you missed even one step in the given process. 

The best thing you can do about having fresh juice is to make it in a deep place, store it in a non-plastic container and drink it as soon as possible. These steps will ensure high content of the elements.

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