Essential Guide: 6 Steps to Start WordPress Blog in Just Minutes [Infographic]

Today I’m here to guide you about blogging. If you have decided to start a blog and decided to Make Money from your blog it means your in the right place. There are thousands of beginner blogger who don’t know how to start blogging, which platform is beneficial to start blogging, important elements for a blog and ways of Earning using a blog, if you read this guide Essential Guide: 6 Steps to Start WordPress Blog in Just Minutes from beginning to end I will share all these above factors which I mentioned above. I can surely say that after reading this post of How to Start Blogging on WordPress, you’ll be able to start your own blog and monetize it too.

This is the complete Guide about developing WordPress Blog that’s why it will be the detailed post, so keep the cup of tea and set relax and start your reading.

How to Start Blogging on WordPress

The Essential Key Factors of this Post which Ill mention today are listed below:

  1. Which Platform we should elect to start Blogging (Free Platform like Blogger or VS Self Hosted
  2. What Domain Name (Brand Name) will be fit for your Niche {How to choose it}
  3. Web Hosting Detail and How you can Select Supreme Web Hosting
  4. Ways to Install or Upload WordPress Script into Hosting Panel
  5. How you should elect WordPress Template (Responsive WordPress Theme)
  6. Recommended WordPress Plugins which you Must them

Don’t waste more time I am just starting this guide further which will make your journey of Blogging Straightforward and also cooperate you to find your best Earning podium.

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#1. Free Website ( Vs Self-Hosted

I’m just assuming you know the blogging and whats the main reason of a Blog, Blog is just like a website where most of the people come for the purpose of collect information in their interest, Blogger main objective should be to expand knowledge.

As you know there are hundreds of floor which provide their services for free to create or design a website like Blogger,, Weebly, etc. They provide Hosting as well as a domain name to start blogging without spending money but when you choose your domain name using the services of free platforms they put there subdomain like,, etc. But when you start blogging from these free service providers you can add your custom domain like .com, .net,.org, etc but you can’t do anything which you want to do using these platforms.

Now I’m going to show you the difference between Free Vs Self-Hosted There is an Infographic below which will show you the clear difference between Free and Self Hosted I just advise you to see the infographic carefully and then you can differentiate yourself between these two platforms.

Infographic from

I hope this Infographic is able to understand you which Platform is better for you to start a blog, but there is another blogging platform as I mentioned above Blogger owned by Google. Blogger is used by thousands of millions of blogger as a professional Blog or as a helper blog. If you have really no money then you can start your career from blogger.

If you haven’t clearly discerned with the Infographic here is further guide about Free Website and a Self Hosted Website.

Pros and Cons: Pros (Benefits)

  1. WordPress Script/software which you install on your Hosting Panel is totally free
  2. You have full control on your site, you are the owner of your data, you can handle each and everything, your site will not be turned off unless you break the use of terms of
  3. The worthy and powerful aspect of WordPress is Plugins So you can install and upload any plugin whatever you want.
  4. You can use any theme for your design and layout of your website even you can also install the custom template, You can modify your uploaded theme as you needed.
  5. You can use it for making money using ads, you are not destitute of anyone, you just need to approve your blog from advertiser company.
  6. You have full permission from to track and monitor your blog, you can add the tracking code on your website. Cons (Losses)

  1. For starting your Blogging career on you need to purchase web hosting that will charge you $3 to $7 per month.
  2. You yourself are responsible for up-to-date your website and any upgrades of your site. It is not so hard, you can do that by one click.
  3. Backup of your site but nowadays your web-hosting knows about it, they automatically create your website backup in the form of weekly or monthly, but you can also use a plugin for doing this job. Backup Buddy is one of them.
  4. You’re responsible to check and prevent your site from Spam but you need not worry about it, Akismet helps you to face this problem. It is the default plugin in WordPress. Pros (Advantages)

You do not need to purchase web hosting it is free to use up to 3 GB, when your space will be complete till 3 GB, you will have to pay $19.95 for 5 GB and 100 GB you will be charged around about $288.97.
It will create your back-up on a regular basis. Cons (Disadvantages)

  1. They automatically place ads on your website and if you want to hide these ads, you have to pay $29.97 per year.
  2. You are not allowed to make money by sell ads unless you receive 25,000 traffic (page views) per month, then you can apply for a WordPress advertising partner. Ad Control is the way of earning from this selection but they cut off your revenue by 50% percent. Yes! Im not joking..
  3. With this choice of blogging, you will not be able to upload and install plugins, you just use those plugins which is your default plugins at the time of your installation, If you want to add extra plug-ins you have to subscribe there VIP Program that will charge you $2500 per month.
  4. You are limited to modify or to do any changes in your theme if you want to do you have to apply for Design Upgrade Program that will charge you $30 per year, it doesn’t mean you have full control on your theme, you can just change your theme color.
  5. You can not track your audience, you’re not able to monitor your full website because you cant add custom codes like analytics codes.
  6. Your website is not fully protected, whenever they feel you’re violating the terms of use they can take off your services/website.

Now you are able to choose better and which platform will be perfect to start Blogging, now we step forward for the next step. We always suggest to our users for because we know the importance of Blogging, it is also easy to implement and use even it is money saving.

After that, we will discuss Domain Name and Hosting, without this a website cannot stand on there feet.

#2: How to choose Right Domain which will be fit related to your Niche

It could be complicated for you to pick the right Domain Name for your Niche (topic). Domain Name is a very crucial element because your website will be known with the domain name. The website address is the Brand Nam like you’re running a company and your company represented by your selected name. So keep sharp at the time of choosing the Domain Name.

choose Right Domain for your niche

You can follow the headings below to facilitate yourself.

Domain Name is the Brand Name

Always make sure at the time of selecting Domain Name, it is easy to remember for your users and viewers. 90 % of users forget your website after leaving your website if it is hard to remember. Also, don’t choose frustrating address like, it will depress your users to understand what it is about?

Keywords in Domain Name

If you have decided a topic to start blogging on it then it is better to add your keyword in the domain name. For example, your selected topic is about SEO you can choose your domain like, etc. Your domain should user-friendly to keep remember and also SEO friendly because it can be rank exceptionally and double your traffic.

Length, Hyphens and much more

At the time of choosing the domain also keep remember about length, it is too hard to remember too large domain address like etc. Just make it small for easy to remember and also avoid to use hyphens in domain. If it is necessary to use hyphens, you should use it but if it is not required, avoid them.

Domain Extension

Domain Extensions like .com, .org, .edu, .info, etc, .com is the very common and popular extension in online world but if your website or blog is related something about an organization then you should use .org or if you are related about education then it is better to select .edu and if your topic is just about information like you’re gathering and providing information on specific topic then you should choose .info otherwise Ill suggest you to adopt .com extension. Online users often write .com without thinking about categories.

Best Platforms to Register Domain Name

There are hundreds of Registrars of Domain Names but there are also various registrars who quietly sneak there-self after some months. So I’m mentioning some trustful and reputable registrars where you can register your domain without any worry.

# Godaddy

Godaddy is the most famous Domain Name Registrar on the online world, as everybody knows his name, so here you can register your domain easily. Godaddy provides multiple coupons on their domain names, you can use it to get awesome discounts. If you search on google with the current month and year like Godaddy Promo Codes Coupons 2020, you will get discounted coupon codes to save your money.



#3 Which WordPress Hosting you should Choose

Now I’m just assuming you have registered your domain name and now the turn is to purchase web hosting that will host your whole site your all content, images, videos and everything on your website. At this time one question comes in our mind that is how to attach domain with hosting?

When you purchased web hosting they will send you DNS (Domain Name Servers) in your Email which looks like,, you just have to add these DNS into your Domain Name NDS setting. That’s at!

WordPress Hosting you should Choose

As you know I’m a blogger and working since 2012 and have created many blogs for my clients and also for myself, so due to my experience I know the importance of Web Hosting, this is one of the elements which takes you the very first page on google and can double your organic traffic.

Is this sound will be satisfactory when your hosting panel says you don’t have enough space to upload new image So in starting you can choose a medium web hosting to start your blog and after some time when you are able to generate revenue from your blog, you have to convert your hosting to the Advance Plan.

I’m going to mention some powerful and reputable Web Hosting Companies where you can choose Hosting Plan for your Blog.

1.  BlueHost

Bluehost is No#1 Web hosting company till now and they provide their services from 1996. They are unbelievable about there speed and quality, The Customer Support of BlueHost is available to there customers for 24 hours and 7 days. It should be the first priority for you to buy a hosting plan.

2. Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub is also another web hosting company that provides quality and 99.9% Up-Time in there hosting, There the Customer Support is highly helpful with there clients and available for 24/7.

3. INMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is one of the quite Powerful and Quality Hosting providers. They have millions of customers who are using there hosting and satisfied with there hosting. With these plans you also have chance to 30 days money back guarantee, they offer 99.9999% Uptime servers, 24/7 US-based support. If you go with this hosting you will get pre-install and ready WordPress.

4. Host Gator

HostGator is the most famous and reputable name in the Hosting Industry. They have provided there services up-to 8 million customers and these all the customers are satisfied and happy with there hosting and other services. The uptime ratio of Hostgator is 99.9%, They offering 45 days Money Back Guarantee, also offering 24/7/365 Technical Support for there customers/clients. With this Hosting Service, you’ll also get 4,500 free website templates. It is better to go with it.

Also, there are lots of other suitable and professional web hosting provider through which you can do your deal but above I mentioned top best providers who can never fraud with you.

In my further posts, I will share with you how to use web hosting panels in the proper way and how you can get the full benefit from hosting services.

#4 Ways to Install WordPress in Hosting

Now you have both items which are necessary to develop a blog/website, at this time you need to install WordPress script to Hosting Panel which you download from WordPress is basically a script of coding which gives you the authentic platform where you makes posts, create categories, adds or remove media, create home page meanwhile manage and handle your whole site like add or remove any code, change the layout or adjust theme color and anything.

Install WordPress in Hosting

Now the latest duration of time installation WordPress has made easy then in Past, there is more than one way to install WordPress on your hosting by just 4 to 6 clicks.

Softaculous Software:

This is the Tool in your hosting Panel by which you can easily upload/install WordPress into hosting. You can find it under the Software and Services section. further reading

Fantastico Software:

Fantastico is another online tool from hosting providers to install WordPress easily in your hosting. It is also available under the Software and Services section. further reading

If you want to upload WordPress script by manual then yes you can do it using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

#5 How to Choose the Right Theme

All these elements are crucial before launching the site in the market like the theme is the very basic function for your website layout. Theme decides how your home page will look, how your Post page area will be seen and your whole website layout. You should select your theme wisely and spent some on selecting your theme/template.

Choose the Right wp Theme

Pick the Industry Related Theme:

Always choose the appropriate theme which relates to your industry or topic. If your blog topic is about Health or Medicine you cant pick the News industry related theme because they needed two or more posts on a daily basis and those types of themes cant support your niche properly.

Always make sure your theme support browser compatibility like run perfectly in all browsers. Select the right theme to mean Rank your Website well in Search Engines.

Tip to Searching Theme: If you are trying to purchase any paid theme, you can find that theme also free by your searching ability. You can also find and download almost all paid themes using your searching abilities, you should google or torrent.

#6 Top 10 WordPress Plug-ins for Beginners

WordPress is mostly used due to its Plugins and for compatibility of Plugins. Plugins are also the most important component for on-page optimization, there are thousands of millions of plugins for free and some of them are paid. You can do anything which you want to do by using plugins.

I’m going to share with you the most important plugin for beginning the website, if you want to rank your site batter, optimize your website higher, design your website greater, you should use the mentioned below plugins.

WordPress Plug-ins for Beginners

1. Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO plugin is known as WordPress SEO Plugin, it helps you in better organic ranking and tracks your website in a streamline.

2. W3 Total Cache: It is the Web Performance Optimization Plugin helps you to boost-up website speed using the cache, minify the content delivery network support.

3. WP Smush: This plugin will help you to reduce image file size and also helps you in SEO.
4. Akismet: Akismet checks your all comments if there is any spam comment or not? If exist it will notify you to take action.

5. WP-Optimize: This is a very simple but effective plugin allows you to optimize your website like broadly clean-up WordPress database.

6. WP-Optimize by xTraffic: This is the plugin that you must use, this plugin automatically optimizes your website more useful and more powerful. The main features of this plugin are Internal Link Building, Optimize Images, Optimize Speed as well as Optimize Traffic.

7. Broken Link Checker: It is another one beloved plugin of WordPress by 85% WordPress bloggers, it is the specialist to check your post, comments and another piece of your blog for broken link. As you know broken links are bad for ranking or SEO, you must point out these types of link and have to remove them from your blog.

8. Add This: Share Buttons by AddThis is another respected plugin that helps you to drive traffic from Social Media Sites. It allows you to add Social Media buttons through which users have the option to share a blog or any post on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, etc.

9. Contact Form 7: This is the simple plugin that has the ability to support multiple contact forms which you can use to create Contact Us Page with numerous features. With using this plugin you can optimize and customize your form also Email contacts ductile with user-friendly markup.

10. Disqus: Disqus is a tool for WordPress users, it provides the services for a commenting system more easily and more attractive. It is very easy to set up and very smooth to attach with your blog. It fettered users to make comments and gain engagement among commentators or users.

11. Back-Up Buddy: It’s not a free tool but because of this you can make a backup your entire site. WordPress does not facilitate you to make a backup for your complete site (All Directory and files), but by using backup buddy you can save like create a backup of your whole site each and everything. If your server goes down by any reason or crash your site then you have nothing except wailing, but if you use backup buddy already, you can again stand your website/blog without writing again posts or coding.

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I think I’m very lucky because you’re reading my post, Ahha! If you liked this post trust me I will share my all experience with you time by time in my posts.

So the next step is to write a useful and informative post or content on your blog and make it famous between users and audience. Writing content have the highest worth, you can make famous and rank your blog with your unique content.

I hope this post is useful for you to create a blog and optimize it. Even that if you have any question related to your WordPress blog and ranking feel free to contact me without any hesitation through comments. I also request you to share this post with your friends and beloved members through Social Media Sites.

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