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How to Stop Your Employee Intranet From Becoming a Bin?

Employee Intranet

A bin or trash is a place where all the waste material ends up. Whatever you’ve in the waste container, one thing is certain: it is useless stuff you don’t care about. Unfortunately, you can say the similar things about a poorly managed employee intranet, even when it has lots of features and tools. When it is not used properly, it becomes a dumping ground for digital waste.  

Fundamentally, a modern-day intranet is a private network that promotes collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Businesses use the platform to connect with their global employees, circulate crucial information, and make people work with one another for organizational goals. Also, a great employee intranet software powers modern workplaces by offering a range of tools to let people do their daily tasks efficiently. 

Infusing the most modern tools and features don’t prohibit your company’s intranet solution from becoming a dumping ground.  It is necessary to optimize an intranet system to ensure that employees are engaged with the platform and use it enthusiastically. 

Here are some ways to optimize an employee intranet: 

A Dedicated Team to Manage the Intranet 

Usually, the IT department of an organization is given the responsibility to take care of an intranet network. It is a practice that companies have been following since they introduced an intranet to their workers.

However, today’s intranet solutions are different from traditional intranets. Modern intranet software can be used by people from all departments for communication, information, collaboration, and several other tasks. 

To ensure that all authorized members are engaged and using the intranet daily, it is necessary to take the burden off IT people and assign a dedicated team to handle the operations of an employee intranet. This team works on new ways to engage people with the intranet and ensures its functionality.

Team Leaders, Managers On the Front Seat

As per research, most intranets fail despite having useful features because employees do not have a role model to follow. On the other hand, they actively take part in intranet activities when their team leader updates the platform or uses it. 

By assigning key roles to managers and team leaders for handling intranet operations, a company can give employees a reason to use the platform. In addition, team leaders understand how to curate information to empower collaboration among employees.

In employee intranet software management, HR managers can be given the responsibility to announce new policies and benefits deadlines, while office managers may handle posts related to social events. Further, team leaders and other authorized members can post in-demand content to engage users. 

Training to Use Intranet and its Features

No matter how useful an intranet solution can be for an organization, employees do not use it until they are aware of its usage. It’s imperative that people in the top management ask team leaders and managers to train people to use the features of an employee intranet

Through workshops and training sessions, employees can be taught how to use the intranet for communication, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing. They must be made aware of intranet features that can help them perform their daily tasks effectively.

In the End 

An intranet can be an effective weapon in a company’s arsenal to quickly collaborate with employees for favorable results. However, employee intranet is useful only when people use it. In addition to choosing a software solution with lots of amazing features, a company should make efforts to engage people and encourage them to use the platform. Active participation of authorized members is the only way to stop your company intranet from becoming a dumping ground! 

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