7 Easy Ways To Get Bird Poop Off Your Car

Neat and clean cars attract almost everyone either a car lover or not. Some people regularly wash their cars to keep it shiny and protected. You can apply a wax coating to your car to protect your car paint from UV rays but you can’t stop the bird from pooping on your car’s surface. No one likes bird poop on the car especially on the windshield or any area of the car. Most of the people don’t know that bird droppings can actually damage your car’s paint. Due to the heavy amount of uric acid in bird droppings, it can damage the paint surface of your car. Also, the average pH level of bird poops is about 3 which is bad enough to harm your car paint coatings and paint finishing. 

Now the question arises that how to remove bird poop from car? Both wet and dried pooping are harmful to your car’s paint surface. You should never ignore those bird dropping spots because they are not good for your paint surface. Some of you might be thinking that cleaning bird poop off car surface without damaging paint will require some high detailing skills. That’s not the case at all, we’ve got some convenient ways that you can follow to eliminate bird droppings from your car without causing any paint scratches. Let’s go down and explore all those useful ways for cleaning bird poop off the car surface. 

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7 Best Ways to Remove Bird Droppings from Car

As stated earlier, all the ways for cleaning bird poop from car surface are easy to apply. Every method is safe and reliable to use on any car’s surface irrespective of car model and type. So what are we waiting for? Let’s have a look at all those 7 ways and discuss them one by one. 

  • Soaked Cloth in Cleaning Solution
  • WD 40
  • Baking Soda
  • Club Soda
  • Liquid Laundry Soap
  • Auto Detailing Spray
  • Bird Poop Wipes

1- Soaked Cloth in Cleaning Solution

Starting with one of the reliable and smart ways to clean bird poop off car. In case there is a dry bird poop stuck on your car’s surface, you can try this method of using a cloth soaked in the cleaner formula. Put any cleaner solution in the bowl and then soak your cloth into that cleaning solution. After doing so, you have to put that cloth right on the bird poop stain area and let it stay there for about 15 to 20 minutes. Now start wiping away that stains smoothly and gently not aggressively. In case poop stains are still there then try in the second attempt and your car will get rid of bird droppings.

2-  WD 40

WD-40 is something you can’t ignore when it comes to cars. Thanks to the manufacturer of this product, this WD40 is like an innovative car cleaning solution. You need to spray on the WD40 formula on the bird dropping and let it leave for about half a minute. After waiting for 30 seconds, you can rinse off the WD40 using a water hose and it’ll take away all bird poop stains.

3- Baking Soda

First, let’s have a look at the things you need to follow this method of removing bird poop from the car.

  • Small Squirt to Dishwashing Soap
  • 2x Table Spoons Baking Soda
  • Warm Water

After gathering the required items, you have to mix baking soda with a squirt of dish soap and hot water. Shake the bottle to let the soda dissolve well. Now, you can spray on the solution right on the bird’s poop and leave it for around about 12 to 15 minutes. Wash that surface using a water hose to rinse away bird dropping but you can repeat again if bird poop is not gone.  

4- Club Soda

The carbonation of club soda will be effective against the acidity of bird droppings. All you need to do is to pour or spray some club soda on the dropping stains no matter if wet or dried. Now you have to let the soda stay there for one minute and then you can wipe away gently.

5-  Liquid Laundry Soap

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you should have a liquid detergent solution, not the powdered one. All of us know that we can easily scrape the dried bird poop using nails, keys, bank cards, or anything that doesn’t damage car seat’s fabric. The issue is that doing this will leave white poop stains behind so you can use liquid laundry detergent to remove those stains. Just pour a little drop of liquid detergent and then rinse off using any towel or cloth. You’ll have to scrub the stain until its completely gone. 

6- Auto Detailing Spray 

Any auto detailing spray or product would be helpful in removing bird droppings off your car paint surface without causing any damage. You can use a car detailer spray on almost every type of car finishing where there is a bird dropping. Spray on the car detailing solution directly on poop stain and then wipe away using any cloth or rinse using a water hose. It is recommended to use a car spray wax to provide quick and fine car paint protection. 

7- Bird Poop Wipes

In case you can afford, you should use Drop wipes. These wipes are particularly made for wiping away all the bird droppings and stains. It is recommended to always choose biodegradable drop wipes manufactured by any standard brand. You can use Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes to clean bird poop off your car surface. The reason for suggesting Autoglym is because it is one of the leading car detailing brand in the industry offering a wide range of high-quality auto detailing products.  


As an overall summary, we can conclude that bird poopings must be removed from the car immediately as soon as possible. We came to know that bird droppings are harmful to the car paint surface, it can also damage the car wax and coating protection. We’ve gone through some of the easy ways one can follow in order to remove bird droppings from your car paint surface. We’ve realized that bird droppings can be removed from the car’s surface using any of the given ways if all instructions are followed properly. 

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