Easy Methods to Import OST file into Office 365

Microsoft 365 is such a versatile cloud platform that provides a lot of outstanding features therefore, many organizations prefer to utilize it for many purposes. This article will describe the user’s most searched query on how to import OST file into Office 365. For this migration process, we describe the manual process, and if this method is not comfortable for you, grab the most valuable software, OST to Office 365 Converter tool to accomplish your task efficiently and error-free.

OST is known as Outlook Offline Data File generate in MS Outlook, which keeps a copy of your mailbox data. When you work in offline mode, the whole data save in this .ost file stored on the computer and synchronize with the Exchange server after connecting next time. On the Other side, Microsoft 365 is a multi-functionality platform that comes up with multiple powerful features. Most of the users use its cloud platform to store their big files to stay rest assured from accidental data loss in the future. Similarly, some users want to import OST file into Office 365. But why do the users wish to do so, to know this, let’s move to the upcoming section to read the reasons or advantages of importing .ost files into an MS 365 mailbox.

Why Need to Import OST Emails to Office 365

There are multiple reasons which lead users to move their emails from .ost files to Office 365. Those reasons are pointing here.

  • Office 365 mailbox stores more emails in comparison with a .ost file.
  • Microsoft 365 provides a more convenient platform than Outlook.
  • The data can be accessed quickly from anywhere and from any device like Android, iPhone, Tablet, PC, or Computer after accidental deletion.
  • O365 furnishes the best security features that’s why users are inclined to import their OST files to MS O365.
  • You can make ignore a big exchange maintenance downtime and save time and cost too.
  • Microsoft 365 comes up with other extraordinary services like Excel, pow, SharePoint, Outlook, etc.

The above-described points are the benefits to move OST files from Outlook to Office 365. Therefore, users are excited to move their OST emails to Office 365 mailboxes. Now, move to the next part to perform the manual method to import .ost files to MS Office.

Manual Method to Import OST File into Office 365

Because there are no direct methods to import OST into Office 365, we need to convert the first OST to PST format, after conversion it will be importable to Microsoft 365 mailbox. For this, we will use the Outlook application and its inbuilt Import and Export function. We will complete this conversion process in two steps, those steps and their relevant steps are as follows.

Stage 1. Export OST file into PST Format Using Outlook

Stage 2. Import the PST file to the Mailbox of Microsoft 365

Go with the above-mentioned stages in a stepwise manner to know how to import OST file into Outlook 365.

Stage 1. Export OST file into PST Format Using Outlook

To use this step, ensure that you have installed Outlook with its latest version. After that, consider the below-mentioned steps to convert your Outlook .ost file into PST.

  • Launch MS Outlook on your system and click on File Menu.
  • Here, go with the Open and Export option and choose Import/Export.
  • After that, hit Export to a file from the given options and click Next.
  • Now, choose Outlook Data File (.pst) and click the Next button.
  • Next, choose the folders to keep in the PST file and hit Next.
  • Afterward, set the destination to save the PST file as a result and select the option Replace duplicates with items exported.
  • Finally, click the Finish button to complete the conversion process.

[Note: The users have to keep in mind that, this method will only work when the user account is successfully established with the account of Microsoft Exchange Server.]

Stage 2. Import the PST file to the Mailbox of Microsoft 365

Now, you need to import your PST file to the Exchange mailbox in O365, which you exported from the previous step. For this, you can follow one of any two methods which we have mentioned here and follow the steps correctly and sequentially.

#1: Network Upload Method

You can move the OST file to the O365 mailbox directly with the AzCopy technique. Follow the step-by-step points to accomplish the task.

  • Download and Install Azure AzCopy and then copy the SAS URL (The SAS URL will allow the necessary permission for migrating the .pst file to Azure).
  • Upload your PST file to the Microsoft 365 Cloud platform.
  • Create the PST mapping (CSV) File.
  • Create the import job to import the PST file.
  • Filter the data and begin the importing task to upload the PST file.

#2: Drive Shipping Method

Using this method, you can escape from the long and tedious Network Upload Method. Here, you have to simply copy the PST file to the hard drive and move the drive to the Microsoft 365 mailbox. But, as information, I would like to tell you this method is also not a good method for you. It will take up to 10 days to import the PST file by Microsoft. Anyway, go with the following link and follow the steps from there provided by Microsoft Official.

As we have seen the manual process to import PST files to O365. These steps sound more technical and typical for novice users as well as those who don’t have technical knowledge. Also, it consumes time and extra effort. If a short mistake happens by applying the wrong steps the whole process may stop and data corruption issues may occur. To avoid all these disturbances, we highly recommend you must opt for a professional utility OST to Office 365 Converter tool. By using this software you can migrate your OST file to the O365 mailbox directly without passing any hassles.

Quick and Best Approach to Import OST File into Office 365

OST to Office 365 Converter utility is a robust and complete solution to import OST files into Office 365 Exchange mailbox directly. It supports the conversion of multiple .ost files at a time without losing the original data format. Moreover, the utility also converts OST files into multiple file formats and permits them to migrate over various email clients. With this utility you can import OST to Gmail, Yahoo mail and other email clients.  The utility furnishes an easy-to-use GUI that helps users to complete their tasks with ease. Now, let’s move to see the steps to execute the task to import OST emails to Office 365.

Steps to Import OST Emails to Office 365

With the help of the tool, you can migrate your OST files to Office 365 directly. Take into use these steps to begin your task.

  • Download and Install the OST to Office 365 Converter and Run as Administrator.
  • Choose Single File or Multiple Files/Folders and hit the Next button.
  • Now, click Select Files/Folders to add OST files or folders, and click Next.
  • From here, check the folders that you want to export, and click the Next button.
  • Now, choose the email client Office 365 from the drop-down option.
  • Here, provide your Microsoft 365 username and third-party app password then click on Sign-in.
  • After that, choose other options, on the basis of your need.
  • At last, hit the Convert button to begin the migration process of importing .ost files to the O365 mailbox.


In this write-up, you have found an effective solution to import OST file into Office 365. For this migration process, we have delivered you a manual method also, which is a tedious and risky process and carries many restrictions too. For applying this manual technique a user must have sufficient technical ideas to perform the steps and also, it takes too much time to execute. To overcome these drawbacks, you can go through with a reliable and effective software approach to execute your task in a minute and limitation-free.

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