6 Easy Bedroom Fixes That Will Give You Better Sleep

The bedroom should be one of the cozy rooms in your home. Therefore, giving it an upgrade once in a while is important to improve the quality of sleep that you get. After all, this is the place you recharge and rest so that you are productive, the next day. However, little things that you can fix with ease can impact the quality of sleep you get. For this reason, ensure that your room is conducive for restful sleep, not only cute and cozy. So how do you make these upgrades that help you get the best sleep? Below are 6 bedroom fixes that will give you better sleep. 

1. Swap out your mattress and pillows

How long have you had your mattress and pillow? Even these have an expiration date in your bedroom. Especially when you are doing an upgrade, get Scandinavian designs mattress and pillows for a new fix in your bedrooms. So if you have had your mattress for more than eight years or it is no longer comfortable, it is time to swap it. As for the pillow, get a more supportive pillow. In fact, for the pillow, change it at least every two years. Choose something for your mattress and pillow swap that feels soft and cozy, and in this way, they will give you quality sleep.

2. Clear the clutter 

Many people feel that they do not think straight or feel calm in a room full of clutter. This applies too when you have a bedroom full of clutter. As it will affect the quality of your sleep. Fortunately, this is an easy fix that will come in handy in improving the quality of your sleep. Plus, it does not require you to be a perfectionist to clear the clutter from your room and have it look well organized. So, to help you with this, invest in stylish storage options that come in handy to stow things out of sight.

3. Opt for blackout curtains 

Did you know light affects sleep? Not only light present in your room but the light coming into your room from outside. This is both from light pollution and sunlight as well. Thus, how do you keep these light from coming into your room? This fix also is an easy one, and it will improve the quality of your sleep drastically. Buy blackout curtains that will ensure that your room stays dark while you sleep, and you can get any that suits your décor style

4. Keep your phone out of your room 

The phone tip is an easy fix that has a mention in many posts in concern to sleep. Plus, not only your cellphone but other electronic devices can impact your sleep. However, even as an easy fix, many people are not able to follow through to see the positive change it contributes to the type of sleep they get. Therefore, try using your devices at least an hour before you go to bed to rest your eyes from the blue light that the phones emit. If you are addicted to using your phone at night, put it in a different room before you go to bed. 

5. Add a plant 

A plant or fresh cut flowers can have a lot of perks. Besides, they add interest to your room, and they are beautiful. Flowers and plants are also known as part of apartment therapy, which has many benefits. So, try adding some plants to your bedroom and if you are not a plant person. Buy yourself fresh cut flowers to give your bedroom a fix that will help with calming you and, as a result,  improves your sleep quality. 

6. Add texture not bold colors 

Even though you love bold colors, they are not the best for the bedroom as they are not calming. Choose colors that are soft and muted when you are doing your room fix. Add interest with textures in your room instead and stick to quiet colors. As you fix this, also ensure that you make your bed too although, many people feel that it is not important, yet it will make your room tidy.

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