The 7 Easiest Video Editing Tools for Small Business Marketers

One of the most important aspects of marketing your product is advertising it properly, and since video marketing is on the rise, to compete in the world of marketing especially if you’re up against some of the bigger companies, you’ll need to make sure that your advertisements are up to the mark.

The difference between gaining or losing a customer could be directly related to the quality of your video advertisement and while you can outsource this part of your campaign, many small business marketers don’t have the budget to do so and will need to do that on their own so here are the six easiest video-editing tools for small business marketers.

1) Lightworks Easiest Video Editing Tools

If you want to work on your videos without the fear of them dropping in quality, then lightworks is the program for you. This feature-packed tool lets you create the highest quality videos while being completely free of cost. You have the option of exporting your edited videos in almost any format you want since it supports all of them while also sharing the edited content over the web since it comes with a highly integrated social network sharing options.

2) Shakr Video Editing Tools

Shakr is another excellent tool to edit your videos. It is an online web-based tool, and although it comes with a small price tag if you want to make full use of it, you can still use the website for a whole month for free on trial basis. You can choose from over a thousand video designs by top motion graphic artists from around the world to make your videos look professional in minutes. It is specifically built for video advertising so you get all the necessary features that you can require. It is definitely worth it to invest in this program.

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3) Animaker Easiest Vid Editing Tools

Animaker is one of the easiest tools to master as it features a simple drag and drop interface. It is one of the coolest animated video platforms out there. Since animated videos are becoming one of the most popular ways companies showcase their products, it would make sense to use this app. Also, studies have shown that people will be likelier to engage if they watch an animated video advert over a non-animated one.

4) FlexClip Video Editor

  FlexClip offers small business owners an easy-to-use online video editor with quick edit preset templates, animated text and more to create engaging marketing videos. The best thing about FlexClip is that it makes it easy and quick for small businesses to create engaging unique videos without requires hours of editing or a video making expert. It is free of use. You can get a stunning marketing video in just 3 steps. The marketing video templates it offers save you not only money but also your time.

5) Quik: Easiest Video-Editing Tools

Quik is a mobile-based app that is also free. Since it is a portable app, you have the convenience of creating content on the go. It features the ability to combine photos to create a video which can come in handy if you are looking to keep your video length short. It has different video templates and filters, so even your everyday shots will have a dramatic touch to them and also has the option to change the color scheme of the videos being edited.

6) Promo

Promo’s online video editor can help with all of your video marketing needs. Of course, if you want to use your own footage, that is great. Still, Promo’s online video editor offers excellent pro editing tools, footage, and professionally designed ready-made templates to help you save time.
You can quickly create and edit your footage or a template in just a few clicks and have all your social media videos in one place. Here are just a few places we can help.

7) Splice Easiest Video-Editor

Splice is yet another portable mobile phone app available for android as well as iOS. It does everything other mobile-based editing apps like Quik does and a lot more. It is for people looking to go into a bit more detail with their edits and features several exporting options. You also have the option to back up your videos on its cloud servers.

8) Filmora Video Editor:

This is a must have editing app for digital marketers since it features all high-end features like green screen recording, live computer screen recording for free. It is one of those apps that you don’t think you need because you’ll think it’s like the rest of them but will only realize it’s worth when you use it.

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