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Earning a Top-rated Certbolt Certification with Google Professional Cloud Architect Exam african male programmer writing program code sitting at the workplace with three monitors in the office. Image focused on the screen

Google’s exams are a passageway for prodigious Certbolt certifications. Exactly for Cloud Architects, it is a platform cram-full of opportunities for development. One of them is a preeminent test famously known as Google Professional Cloud Architect. Now, why must you join the parade in taking it? It’s understandable. Thousands of people worldwide have already seen this exam as worth all their effort. They’ve leveraged this credential to its broadest possible extent. As for you, are you willing to give it a shot?

The favorable influence of a Google Professional Cloud Architect credential

Having read this part, let’s say that your answer to the previous question is in the affirmative. This is a tremendous leap forward, professionally speaking. The career-promoting effect a Certbolt certification of this caliber brings is huge. Firstly, it gives your claims as a remarkable Cloud Architect legitimacy. It provides your skillset the kind of veracity recruiters look for.

In another vein, it also opens you to higher-level positions and the possibility of a salary increase. To say nothing of other reasons, the verification exam intended for cloud architects is exceptionally complex! This explains why the Google Professional Cloud Architect Certbolt certification is top-rated among the rest. For more visit

Basic Points a Candidate Must Know

Before you can pin your hopes on this accreditation, you must dive into the core of its assessment. Let’s dissect the most significant questions surrounding it. To begin with, are there prerequisites to follow? Well, the good news is, there is none. Be that as it may, it’s still much advised to aspiring candidates to at least gain a three-year experience in the industry. All the more recommended is a one-year experience in creating and regulating solutions with GCP. If you have these two, you’ll heighten your likelihood of earning a passing grade. 

Technical Details of the Exam

Now, let’s launch into the technical aspect of the matter at hand. How long will it take you to complete all questions? Well, be ready to reserve a 2-hour duration for this assessment. You will need to sit through the multiple-choice and multiple select set of questions. The registration fee is $200, however, it may be added if tax applies. On the other hand, the exam method has two options. You can either take the online-proctored test or complete it at a testing center. For more visit

Required Hands-on expertise for the Test

You can schedule an exam date once you’re confident with your knowledge of cloud architecture. If you can complement this with your mastery of Google Cloud Platform, then you should waste no more time waiting and save the date! Be sure to work on creating a cloud solution architecture and managing its implementations. You’ll be coming across questions related to these objectives. 


Earning your emblem in Google Professional Cloud Architect is truly within reach. Whether you end with a record-setting test score or hit the average passing grade, it doesn’t matter. What’s integral is you finish with an astounding Certbolt certification at the end of the long, laborious validation process. So, make this exam your most important concern from now on! Well-guaranteed, your professional gains will be of the highest quality!


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