Download 5 Best Android Launcher Apps of 2017

Android launcher forms the very core of how a user uses his smartphone. It defines the way you like your features. Today majority of the users use the default launchers that varies from phone to phone. You are here, probably because you got tired of the boring default launchers that restrict your access to a lot of additional features..

In this article, we take you through some of the best android launchers that let you dig deeper into your smartphone.

Some are for the quirky ones, some for the flamboyant ones, some for the less fuzzy while some for the uber cool. Read our pick for the best android launcher and find out which one appeals you more. There are many more interesting APK apps that you may want to check out here.

Pixel Launcher : Simple, Clean and Crisp

Anything arriving from the hood of google is sure to enthrall the public. Pixel launcher shipped with the first version of google Nexus and it immediately made people fall in love with it. For the sheer amount of simplicity and stunning speed, the pixel launcher is sure to appeal all the true android fans.

Pixel Launcher : Simple, Clean and Crisp android launcher app

Pixel launcher is totally clutter free and has a design which is very curvy and centred around deep material design. There is no app drawer to bring out the apps, instead you have to swipe up the middle of your home screen to get all the apps. The front screen has changed and the G for google has shifted to a curvy design to the left, while displaying the time and date to the right of your phone.

Although initially it was hard to scoop out the feature from the original pixel, but now you can easily install the apk from a 3rd party. It surely is hassle free and launches apps in microseconds. The app management is clean and doesn’t lag much.

Appeals to: People who like it clean and a speedy launch of apps.

Availability: Yet to hit the android play store

Link to download: Pixel Launcher

Solo Launcher : Variety, Customizable and Gesture friendly

With over 100 million users worldwide, Solo Launcher ranks among the top 3 best android launchers. One of the reasons behind its huge appeal is the unique material design 2.0 which the launcher supports and was also the first to do so. You get inbuilt features to clean storage and boost speed that further saves memory.

Solo Launcher : android launcher apps 2017

For people who always love to deck their launcher with different themes and designs, Solo launcher lets you do so with ease. There is a humongous variety of beautiful themes and wallpapers which are both visually stunning and light weight.

Many users are worried about their security after wrapping their phone in a launcher. No need to worry in this case as Solo launcher comes with a locker plugin to guard your phone against any unauthorised access. Apart from plethora of gestures, the app is very clean and easy to get adapted to.

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Appeals to: People who like theme based launchers and variety of gestures.

Android play store and other 3rd party app downloads.

Link to download: Solo Launcher

Nova Launcher : Revolutionary, Futuristic and User Friendly

Nova Launcher is among the first few apps that revolutionized the way you use launchers. The app has been rated 4.6 constantly since the day of its inception. Nova launcher has always tried to stay ahead of time by coming up with features that rest of the launchers copy.

In the beginning, people would install nova launcher as it would always have the very latest features of running android version. You get to choose between dark and light theme and it is amongst the app that provide maximum amount of customization. You get spoiled with features like infinite scroll of apps, customized app drawer and the ability to customize the position of subgrid.

Nova Launcher: android launcher apps 2017

There is also a prime version of this app which further comes with added features like icon swipes, ability to hide apps and extra gesture control. It surely is a delight and the closest you can get to make a phone that tastes as you want

Appeals to: People who like features ahead of its time and loads of gesture based controls

Android play store and Nova Launcher official website

Zen Launcher : Clutter free, Simple and Secure

Probably the only android launcher with a rating of 4.7 on the google play store. Made by Asus, the launcher has a name that justifies what it does. Zen launcher is the default launcher in all the Asus phones. Zen Ui combines the flexibility of arranging the apps with a clutter free design that aligns with the zen philosophy.

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In every sense, a particular launcher portrays a bit of your personality and so does the zen launcher. It gives you the freedom to customize your launcher by a variety of colorful themes and it has a rich collection of some really beautiful wallpapers. You get to customize your font style, font size and icon size too.

Zen Launcher: android launcher apps 2017

Zen launcher also give you the power of search your apps smartly, just on swipe down and you can search an app. There is also a feature called Quick find that allows you to see trending topics in your android device. Safety and security is an added advantage of the zen launcher

Appeals to: People who like clean features merged with lots of customization.

Availability: Android play store

Go Launcher : Stylish, Smart and Slim

Standing on 3 pillars: Stylish, Smart and Slim. It is the upgraded version of the “Go Launcher EX” . Go launchers gives you more than 10,000 different choices to deck your smartphone with different themes. The best part is that new themes are added to the collection every week.

Go launcher is among the very few apps that have a dedicated 3D engine that helps in the app optimizing the phone’s performance and seamlessly letting you browse through the phone. For any launcher that wraps your device, it is important for it to run smooth animations.

Go Launcher: android launcher apps 2017

With our daily rigorous usage smartphones tend to get accumulated with a lot of junk and Go launcher has a smart app management system that necessarily cleans up all that trash for you so that your phone keeps running smoothly. It lets you add the usual widgets like weather widget, search widget and switch widgets.

Appeals to: People who like a launcher that does more than just launching apps.

Availability: Android play store

Link to download: Go launcher

Our take

Launchers play a very important role in anyone uses a smartphone. They take the shape of your phone the way you want it to be. It works the hit and trial way. Install the one that appeals to you more. There are some which are minimalistic while there are some which give you freedom to customize your screen as much as possible. We hope you are able to finalize one of the launchers out of the 5 best android launchers that we have discussed here.

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