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If you are one of those bloggers who uses free WordPress themes, you, perhaps, changed the templates of the websites and not even once. If you do this searching for a template you, which might fit in, it is meant that you change the themes during a day, week, and there is nothing wrong about it. However, when you keep a blog and change a template every two months, half an hour, a year, troubles might appear in this case.

Two the most frequently asked questions concerning changing of WordPress themes:

  1. Whether it will have any influence on my blog`s SEO?
  2. Whether it is going to influence my blog`s traffic? 

Many templates go with already input SEO functions of optimization. Therefore, if you used a similar theme, changing it SEO settings of your blog will be immune.

Majority of premium templates have a built-in editor of SEO headlines, descriptions, tags and so on. Benefits of such themes that they may fully replace free SEO-plugins, thus there will be one plugin less in your blog.

For bloggers who have a habit to change their WordPress themes, to suggest this task for special SEO-plugin will be the best idea.

Therefore, the conclusion is following: it is going to be hard for you to replace your SEO settings from a theme to a plugin and perhaps you will even forget about it and miss some part of it what in its turn will affect your rating in search engines.

Entries headlines changing

Look at the home page of any blog. There are short announces of the articles posted, the main elements of which are the headline (H2), a piece of article and a button (link) «Detailed», «Read more» or another anchor.

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As a rule, WordPress themes make headline in the H2 tag as a link to an article. However, there are such themes, which reflect a headline without any hyperlink.

If you change one topic to another, which has a back peculiarity, this will affect your general rating in search engines.

When you go to one good topic to another good one, of the same development engineer, you have fewer reasons to worry. But when you go to a totally different theme, there are high chances that they are optimized not that well as the previous template and you will lose positions and traffic.

You lose user settings

When to choose the old theme for a new one, as a result, some functions are to be changed. For example, the right side panel is going to be used instead of the left one. Even though it will not influence traffic much, changes will be not for the better even though temporarily.

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But when an old template is coded this way, in the beginning, content is downloaded for a visitor, meaning an article, roughly said single.php, and then a side panel is loaded. And a new theme load all at once making a loading time bigger, it is quite an unpleasant moment as long as it will influence rating, not tragically but the general image will be changed.

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