DIY Marketing: Logo Design Ideas for Startups on Shoestring Budgets

Considering that about 50% of small businesses are operated from home, that’s a large percentage who probably have a website open for business. Whether you have a website or not, it’s important to have a strong logo that’ll impress your potential customers.

When you’re first beginning, you might wonder what logo design ideas will make your company stand out from the rest. Read this article on different logo designs that’ll help you look professional and stand out from the sea of competition today!

Use Geometric Shapes

When you use create invoice for your logo, consider using geometric shapes. When you use abstract shapes, you’re more likely to build brand recognition. 

Be Minimalistic

Some of the best logo design ideas for businesses include a minimalistic design. This will be easy for customers to remember and recognize your business. Keep in mind that it might be harder to bring your personality into this design. 

Use Color Psychology

When it comes to creative logo design ideas, you’ll need to think about the psychology behind each color. Each color will represent a different feeling and mood for your audience. Common colors are red, blue, and black. 

Have a Balance

Keep balance in mind with your modern logo design ideas. If you have too much color or text it can have the opposite effect. 

Trust the Text Process

Logo design ideas with letters need to be selected carefully. If you choose the wrong size or font type, it’ll leave a bad impression. Choose a font that’s simple to read and avoid cursive options. 

Make It Relevant

Your logo needs to be clear and relevant to your line of work. The colors should also match this description as well. Make sure that the image and design are both consistent. 

Experiment Away

Try out different logo designs and make a comparison to see which you like better. If you’re trying out a new design you can even ask your audience which they prefer by sending out a newsletter with the options. As you experiment, make sure to keep the design and font relevant to your business. 

Study Your Competitors

One of the best ways to come up with a brilliant logo is to take a look at the competition. See what they use in their logo and whether it works or not.

For successful businesses in your niche, see if they follow a common trend. Write down everything you notice so that you don’t miss out on any ideas. You can also do a quick search online and check out different logo design ideas that are minimal but appealing. 

Exploring Different Logo Design Ideas

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the different logo design ideas that you could come up with. Take your time coming up with different ideas, and consider working with a designer.

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