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The World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs Report 2020 notes that 94% of business leaders expect employees to pick up new skills on the job by 2025. The most important among them are soft skills like communication and emotional intelligence. Management skills like leadership and critical thinking also top the list. 

This means that a candidate who wants to move up the corporate ladder needs more than just a college degree. You need skills that can outshine you from the crowd and make you a prized cohort for an employer.

Where can you learn these skills you ask? Many training institutes are providing high-quality classroom-based training for enhancing the skills of career-focused employees. They also offer online courses and interactive workshops taught by experts to boost your capabilities.

You just need to discover the ideal courses that can guide your career in the right direction. For doing so, comprehensive research on your skill gaps will be needed. We have compiled a list of relevant soft skills and management skills that are preferred by multinational companies in 2022.

This can hopefully help you figure out the training programs you should enroll in, to fill the necessary gaps in your resume.

Soft Skills to Boost Your Career

These are the irreplaceable skills that you will find useful in any department you work in. They help you fit in, become flexible and achieve growth in your profession. While hard skills are different for different jobs, your soft skills are universal. They are needed as much by a software engineer as a fashion designer. 

Let’s take a look at some distinct soft skills expected by employers worldwide. 

Time Management

You can utilize your technical skills effectively on your job, only if your time management skills are on point. For example, working in a virtual team becomes difficult because people are in different time zones. You need appropriate skills to get the work done on time. 

Time management also makes you stay ahead of your competitors in terms of task completion. For this, you can look for proper time mastery courses so that you can organize detail-oriented plans for your clients and finish them on time.

Emotional Intelligence 

Your EQ is the most important perimeter that sets you apart from others. It is just a fancy way of saying that you can make better choices in life because you can regulate your emotions while making crucial decisions. 

A person with a high EQ motivates others. He brings something extra to the team, and that’s why everyone wants to work with him. Three major attributes of emotional intelligence are empathy, self-awareness and integrity. 

Such person is always confident in his work and helps others achieve the team’s target. Some courses can help you strengthen your EQ. However, you should first do a self-evaluation. There are many EQ quizzes on the internet that can help you with it.

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Interpersonal Skills

These skills are not only helpful in professional growth but also in personal life. You need effective listening and speaking abilities for both formal and informal conversation. Your way of speaking also sets the tone for how your co-workers will perceive you. 

A good example of utilizing interpersonal skills is project delivery. You need to understand the demands of your clients. For this, you must listen carefully and make notes of what is necessary. After this, you will need to convey your service conditions effectively so there is no confusion later. 

Some courses that can help you with interpersonal skills are: 

  • Influencing skills training
  • Minute taking skill training
  • Public speaking courses
  • Assertiveness training 

Team Work

When you are working in a team for a long time, you will realize that you are spending more time with them than your family. This means that you need to make better professional relationships with each of your team members. If you don’t, you will feel miserable at your workplace. 

As a team member, you are expected to take responsibility for the actions of others. You will also be required to delegate tasks to ensure the maximum outcome. This becomes very hard for people who are lone wolves and like working alone. 

To be able to work in a team seamlessly one needs to master various soft skills like communication, assertiveness, and time management among various others. These are skills that can be mastered with practice. There are various courses like the ones from Acuity Training that can help you build your soft skills.

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Management Skills to Get the Job of Your Dreams

These skills are also a part of soft skills but are more likely connected to management duties like planning, controlling, leading, allocating and much more. Henry Fayol says that “management is to forecast, to plan, to organize, to command, to coordinate and control activities of others”.

Let’s discover a few crucial management skills required by today’s workforce. 


When investing in learning leadership skills, you will be learning how to make the best use of available resources. It will help you bring out the best in yourself and your team. This will make you tackle big problems easily.

As a leader, you are the head of a team that leans on you to provide them with ideas, support and encouragement. How do you become this leader? You learn the skills needed. Consider courses like line management skills and resilience training as a starting point.

Project Management

As a person in charge of an entire project, you need a host of skills to supervise people and organize resources. A project encompasses proper planning, budgeting, scheduling as well as team management. 

Some critical skills expected of a project manager are: 

  • Conflict management 
  • Negotiation skills
  • Strategic thinking 
  • Risk management

Get in touch with an expert trainer to figure out the courses that can help you advance your career as a project manager. 

Problem-Solving and Decision Making 

Working under a deadline is always stressful. This requires skills like staying calm during pressure and having empathy towards your team. In any unforeseen circumstances, you will be your team’s mentor. You will be doing negotiations and solving issues daily. 

In a culturally diverse team, leaders need to make more sensible discussions and decisions. Creative thinking and team management are the skill sets you should target to achieve your goals. 


To discover courses that can help you grow professionally, you need to figure out what skills are needed by the office you strive to acquire. Then you need to estimate your skill gaps. Once you have found them, work out with a professional agency to custom make courses that can help you achieve these skills.  

Your technical expertise gets you the job. But, it is your soft skills that shape your professional journey ahead. Make a choice today. Don’t wait for someone to bypass you in the corporate race. 

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