Discover the Top Website Design Trends of 2020

According to researchers, the quality of your website design vastly impacts its effectiveness in attracting and retaining customers. As much as 90 percent of online users will leave your website if it’s poorly designed.

But your website doesn’t just have to be poorly designed to be ineffective. Even settling for a mediocre design can cost your untold amounts of money. Conversion rates are more valuable than simple traffic to your website and a great user interface can boost your conversion rate by as much as 200 percent.

So how can you ensure your website is using the best possible design? Aside from engaging with website SEO services to make sure your content is optimized, you should keep updated on the most popular trends. Here are four of the most popular trends that are taking 2020 by storm.

Dark Mode

Black color schemes are rising in popularity for a number of reasons. First, sleek dark aesthetics give your website and ultramodern and high-class appeal. Black can bring out the luster of your products and really make other colors pop.

Secondly, dark mode designs are appreciated by online viewers because it’s easier on the eyes. Thanks to the darker color schemes, people browsing your site at night or similar darkened conditions won’t have to contend with the glare. Just be sure to include an option that allows users to switch between dark mode and regular design settings.

Blank Spaces and Borders

Decluttering is the watchword of 2020 and part of that decluttering includes making it easy for users to decipher your website interface. Blank spaces and borders are all about this feature. Instead of cramming as many paragraphs, clickable features, and pictures on your website, introduce big borders and spaces between them.

This also has the bonus of allowing users to navigate around your site easier. This especially true for mobile users, who have to view your site on very small screens. Increased white spaces and borders not only make your content more readable, they won’t have to worry about accidentally pressing the wrong button or link because they’re cramped.

Minimalist Approach

The combination of simplified color schemes like dark modes and the prevalence of white spaces and borders indicate that a minimalist approach to website design is the way to go. But minimalism doesn’t just mean your aesthetics, it also relates to functional parts of your website.

One aspect of your website that could use with a minimalist approach is navigation. Too often websites cram all their links in a single megamenu. Not only is this sort of user interface intimidating, but it’s also very confusing. Streamlining your menu and removing excess links can help make users feel more comfortable and less overwhelmed.

Beautiful Art

Photographs are one thing, but beautiful art pieces are becoming more and more popular with users. Artwork can also be integrated with informative graphics, making them more personalized and functional at the same time. There’s also a recent surge in the popularity of icons and buttons that simulate the appearance of hand-drawn art. Investing in some beautiful art helps make your website more unique and attractive.

Trends become popular for a reason. Not only can they attract the right customers to your website, but they also offer a glimpse of what styles and features can become a staple in the long run. Keep an eye on trends and you might just know what the future has in store for you.

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