Different Stokes for Different Folks In Paddle Boarding!

For novices especially to the sport of paddle boarding, the choice of paddle board can be crucial. Different uses require different styles of boards and size matters as does weight. Inflatables or IPaddle Boards are quickly replacing the old standard hard boards, which were not flexible, but this does not mean that any inflatable will do for any use. It is a good idea to consult with an expert on inflatable usage such as BOTE boards. These sturdy inflatables by BOTE have a great reputation, and their whole business is devoted to inflatable boards. Going to a generic sports shop to choose an inflatable is a mistake as the clerks and merchants will just stock any type of standard or inflatable and will sell just about anything to anyone, and let us face it, even an inflatable board is NOT cheap! With that in mind, usage must be determined as a consumer should seek to have it last for years upon years.

Bote Boards offers a 60-day money back guarantee. 

This is important, especially for novices to inflatables. Since prices for a quality board can range from 400 dollars to thousands of dollars, picking and choosing wisely is paramount. Hardcore surfers will need a super sturdy type of inflatable, or IPaddle, as the usage will be hard and most probably occur several times a day. Riding the waves is also a competitive sport, and only the best board possible can be used to win any competition. These competitions do occur globally but in USA mostly in Hawaii, New Jersey, California and Florida, where the waves are constant. The “one in a blue moon” user, such as a fisherman or family-oriented outing user does not need such a heavy-duty IPaddle, and of course, will spend more time sitting on the board, than standing on it. A leisurely day at the lake fishing with friends or family does not require as sturdy an inflatable board as does the surfer who makes a living and possibly devotes a lifetime to the sport of paddle boating.  

Consultation with an expert in IPaddles will always assist in the choice.  

This cannot be said enough, as walking into a general sporting goods store is only a shot in the dark and will lead to a poor choice of board and money that was NOT well spent. 

BOTE Boards prides itself on knowing all that can be known about IPaddles and the different styles and uses. 

Even if an individual cannot make it into one of their stores, there are online capabilities, with a search feature on the site that allows individuals to find dealers in their area. Shipping, however, is free. With the satisfaction guarantee and the 60-day trial period, going into any general offline sporting store or buying one online from someone who is not a specialist will only waste time and money.  

Accessories also make a difference.  

Depending upon the use of the IPaddle, the oars used can make a huge difference in the functionality. 

Whitewater rafting needs not only very sturdy inflatable but huge fan-shaped oars that can dig into the rapids. 

Companies for whitewater rafting purchase multi-seat inflatables and many types and styles of oars as not all rapids are alike. That is a rough and tumble sport usage that is more popular in Pennsylvania and other northern locations within the USA. On the other hand, a family trip on a still water lake might only require two lightweight oars, one to use and one as a spare, as the inflatable stays still most of the time, and rowing only occurs gently to and from the shore. 

Choice of recreational usage for children and family fun as well as fishing, can warrant an inflatable with seating for more than one however, but the sturdiness and amounts of oars and other accessories will matter and “overbuying” should be avoided. Surfers on the other hand should avoid “under buying”. 

Remember that even if inflatable, paddle boards must be transported.  

Depending upon where the  Outdoor Play activity takes places, transporting even an inflatable needs discussion with a professional like the consultants at BOTE. There are many options. If walking from an automobile to a destination, whether for heavy duty fun, or simple family fun, a backpack made especially for IPaddles, which can be purchased or ordered from BOTE should be considered. While IPaddles fold up, none are THAT small, and a specialized backpack should be considered for easy transport if some trekking to a location needs to be done. 

Dragging an inflatable along the ground is never an option as it will become destroyed from tears before any destination is reached. BOTE can offer guidance on the inflatable backpacks and assist with the choice of these too. The backpacks also serve two purposes as once the board is deflated it can be stored inside the backpack to prevent damages when not in use.  You can check stand up paddle board surfing guide for detailed information.

Keep price in mind, of course, but choose the best for the purpose. 

Everyone loves to save money. However, going by budget pricing alone will not allow enjoyment of any inflatable as it will either not be amenable to the type of usage you are seeking, or it will deteriorate so rapidly you hardly get any usage out of it at all. With its money-back guarantee, BOTE is a prime provider with the knowledge, accessories, and experience to successfully guide both novices and serious boarders through the process of purchasing IPaddles and all accessories they might need. Years of enjoyment can ensue with the proper choice, and it will be money well spent for the experience of using an IPaddle. From recreation to competition, IPaddles are all the rage, but only the correct style should be chosen, and price alone should not be the only indicator of choice. Use judgment and trust BOTE for your needs!

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