Data Recovery principle and hard drive recovery

Do you know the reason of data loss? In general, there are two main causes of data loss in storage media: physical failures and logical failures. Take a hard disk as an example. Physical faults include head damage, disc scratches, etc., and logical faults are mainly caused by file system errors, accidental deletion of files, and erroneous formatting of disks.

The general principle of data recovery is to restore the physical fault existing in the storage device or to restore the data that has not been completely deleted in the logical fault to the normally visible state by a certain technical means.

Why hard disk physical failure?

There are many reasons for a hard drive physical failure, the most common is the hard disk vibration and accidental power loss caused by head damage and disc scratches, while the hard drive will naturally aging or damaged firmware.

Mechanical hard disk work, high-speed rotation disk, the speed is usually 5400/7200 RPM, high-performance mechanical hard disk speed even more than 10,000 rpm. The head has been suspended in the disk to read and write data, and the disk distance of only a few microns. Once the hard disk from the vibration, drops and accidental disconnection of the head is not promptly recovered, or for a long time in an unstable environment, the head is very easy to hit the high-speed rotating disk scratches.

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The success rate of data recovery

For physical problems, you can try an opening repair, but because the hard drive is very precise, requires some environmental and operational experience, and not all physical failures can be successfully resolved.

Recover data using services.

If only the head is damaged or another non-disk failure, you can save the data by changing the parts. If the disk is slightly damaged, the head can be read by a professional device to read the data of the undamaged part. However, if the disk is severely damaged, it is difficult to recover the data because the disk-burr will quickly produce the burr Read and write data headwear again, leading to scratches that part of the data can not be read.

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Logical data loss, as long as the data is not covered, and the structure is relatively complete, there is the possibility of being restored. The normal file deletion operation on the hard disk does not really delete the file but only deletes a record in the file system. This is also why deleting a file is much faster than copying a file of the same size. So for ordinary file deletion, as long as the file data part is not covered by the new data, or can be restored; As for the format, the essence is to re-create the file system and did not overwrite the entire hard disk, so most of the data can still be restored.

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