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A Good website includes call to action buttons, highly informative content, proper keyword management with white hat SEO, and so on. A little-known fact is that there are over 1.5 billion websites on the internet today, which is quite something, but just slightly over 200 million sites are active and running properly – that speaks volumes. To retain functionality and relevance for your website, you need a good strategy and a good team behind you, as well, you also need to buy an SSL certificate to ensure online safety.

Let’s engage further on top 7 most important factors for a good website:

1. Aesthetics are Paramount

Aesthetics support the content and functionality of the website. Additionally, they play a crucial role in appealing to the taste buds of the target market by building the desired image to the client and meeting the requirements of the website niche. This aesthetics are mostly visual – they stir emotions in the site’s user; thus, if they don’t like the website by just the visual outlook, they won’t engage you further. But if they do like it, they will keep coming back. The importance of design and color to a website cannot be overstressed.

2. Have a strong CMS

A content management system (CMS) is a platform or software that facilitates webmasters to manage, create, and alter content on the site. It is a key player in ensuring your website is effective. It has several benefits, but here are some highlights: –

  • Allows multiple users – If you run a company that blogs or posts stuff regularly on the website, then probably you have multiple users that contribute content to the site. A good CMS should support multiple users efficiently.
  • Facilitates scheduling – Briefly view, a good CMS will give you the current status of the content, whether it is live, in a review, or drafted. This is a handy feature.
  • Simplifies design changes – A good CMS has different virtual boxes that contain a variety of designs and templates that you can implement easily to enhance the site functionality.

3. SSL security

The secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate establishes a safe link between your web server and the user’s browser. In today’s fast-paced world filled with malicious actors and cybercriminals, the need to buy an SSL certificate for your website cannot be overemphasized. The SSL certificate provides encryption to data being shared between a web browser and a server. 

Basically, it ascertains information shared is kept private, away from hackers and all people of ill intention. The dangers of not employing an SSL certificate to guard your site cannot go unnoticed, right from your client’s credentials being stolen straight to cyberbullying. If you don’t have an SSL certificate installed on your website, then you are sitting on a time bomb, and danger looms ahead. For high verification, you need to go with EV SSL that establishes your business over the web and assures visitors that their information is protected. If you are in search of cost effective EV SSL, then you can consider Comodo EV SSL – one of the reputed branded security certificate to protect your website.

4. Responsive and a clean web design

A website that is fast and clean is appealing to a user, thus being very effective. Your client will be sure to notice these two features and determine whether to return or leave. There are several ways to ensure it is responsive. Top among being:

  • Using large fonts
  • Compressing the images
  • Turning on the autocorrect feature in forms
  • Hiring good web designers

          Here are ways to make it clean, more appealing to the eye:

  • Have a neat layout
  • Well defined color scheme
  • Well set navigation bars
  • Have a call to action button

5. Make use of effective writing for your website

A good website has short and simple sentences that naturally will reach a greater audience. Hiring a good writer to create content for your website is key in ascertaining good website performance in a bid to soar over competitors. A good writer will observe the following golden rules for effective content writing:

  • Have a very catchy headline – this captures the attention of very many users as it invokes some curiosity.
  • Do extensive research on the topic of discussion.
  • Write a head-turning description or hook – after the headline, you have a few seconds to retain the attention of the reader. So, make the hook very interesting.
  • Write in a unique voice – speak on behalf of the company to appeal to your market.
  • Write on one purpose – ensure you exhaust the topic of discussion.

6. Website Speed

A website’s speed displays a clear picture of how slow or quickly a website attends to requests. Faster sites turn into happy users, which is good for business. A good illustration is when you run an online store where buyers shop and order as desired. In today’s world, the shopper is very impatient, and a slow site will only worsen sales.

In 2010 Google introduced speed as a ranking signal in their algorithm for ranking sites. Even for Google, it is just business, and they would not send users to slow sites because they could lose their credibility. So, as you build your website, give serious thoughts to the loading speeds.

7. SEO

SEO refers to search engine optimization. It is an excellent way to increase the visibility of a site in search engines. The core function of SEO is to convert direct traffic into sales. Here are tricks for SEO:

  • Avoid keyword saturation – using the keyword more than enough times.
  • Register your site with Google search console to enjoy the many tools and features for free.
  • Create a design that functions on both mobile phones and desktops.
  • Update your content as often as possible to remain relevant.
  • Create a streamlined navigation system on your site.

A pro tip – buying an SSL certificate for your website can give you an upper hand in search engine rankings by Google’s ranking algorithms.

Wrapping Up

The only reason for building a website is to get good traffic that will, in turn, promote your brand. Having a good strategy is key to promoting your site because users like a well-organized website that is safe. Buying an SSL certificate will get you both security and a good ranking on search engines. Don’t also forget that as the world changes, so does content. If you continuously review what you post on your site and make sure it is relevant to today’s society, that might get you a seat at the table. Kindly regard the seven factors above for an effective site. 

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