7 Creative Promotional Product Ideas to Market Your Brand

Research has found that customers see companies in more favorable light after receiving promotional gifts or giveaways from them and the Ramotion branding agency handles this very well. People love getting free stuff. In fact, according to a Merkel HelloWorld survey, 61 percent of consumers say that “the most important way a brand can interact with them is by surprising them with offers or gifts for being customers.”

Giving back to customers not only make them feel more valued but also helps your business’s bottom line. When choosing customer gifts, however, not just any item will do. Promotional gifts should have value or use to customers and should be of high quality. If you give your valued customers subpar items, your “gifts” will backfire on you and may lose you their loyalty.

That said, here are a few ideas to use for your promotional gifts that customers will love. 


When you think about promotional gifts, clothing is always on top of the list. It’s practical and useful, and it can be made to be more appealing with a great design.

Most customers, especially loyal ones, love to receive clothing from the brands they follow. They enjoy wearing their love for the brands they identify with. From T-shirts and hoodies to hats and ballers, customers will wear anything that they like. 

By giving your loyal customers limited-edition promotional clothes, you can make them happy and get free advertising at the same time.

Product Samples

If you’ve got a great product, then you should take every opportunity to have more people use it. As such, using product samples as promotional gifts is a fine idea. It’s not only an effective marketing tactic to entice people to try your product but also an excellent strategy to give back to repeat customers.

For example, skin-care brands give free samples of new products to customers. When the customer tries the product and finds it effective, they’re likely to buy the full size.

Gift Boxes

The only thing better than a free item is more free items, so why not surprise your most loyal customers with gift boxes or care packages?

Depending on the products you sell, you can fill your gift boxes with makeup, body-care items, school supplies, and even discount coupons. Then you can have your brand logo and design printed on custom boxes to raise awareness.

Travel Gear

Today’s consumers are the most well-traveled generation, so it’s no surprise that they may love receiving free travel gear or accessories from their favorite brands.

If you’re a provider of outdoor gear, you can take this opportunity to promote your products by giving away free travel accessories. Customers will come back to buy from you if they like the sample you give them.

A few examples of excellent travel accessory giveaways are neck pillows, eye masks, tumblers, caps, earplugs, luggage tags, sunglasses, and passport holders.

Office Supplies

You can never go wrong with office supplies, especially when your market is composed mostly of working adults. Perhaps they’re not as exciting as free apparel or travel accessories are, but office supplies are equally useful. Why rush to the bookstore when you have office supplies as freebies?


Giveaway contests can generate a lot of traffic for your social media accounts, and if you are running an online store, your website. The most popular and effective giveaway events nowadays are the following:

  • Photo contests
  • Trivia games 
  • Like-or-comment-to-win contests 
  • Tag-a-friend contests 

Outside the internet, local contests also generate plenty of opportunities for companies to reach a wide audience, appeal to their target market, and raise brand awareness. The usual competitions are essay-writing contests, trivia games, and athletic competitions, like relays, marathons, and sports games.

Community Giveaways

If you want your promotional event to make an impact, the best way to do it is to give back to the community. Organizing a for-a-cause community event or donation drive is one common way businesses do this.

Brands can serve channels to help customers give back to their communities too. You can encourage your customers to donate or volunteer in your give-back-to-the-community campaign and share the event with the family and friends. This helps generate more support for the charity or cause you’re advocating. To incentivize people to join, offer prizes to those who participated to thank them for their support.

Saying “Thank You”

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, so companies should strive to make their customers feel valued and appreciated. There are many ways to do it. Improving customer service is one example. Giving back to customers through promotional gifts, giveaways, and community products is essential to your business’s success.

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