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COVID-19: How To Welcome Your Staff Back Into The Office

COVID-19: How To Welcome Your Staff

When the pandemic subsides, you’ll be able to return to the office. You want to make sure that this return goes smoothly and is met with positive reception. Let us take a close and detailed look at five ways to welcome your staff back into the office after COVID-19.


To start things off, food is a great way of welcoming your staff. People might be hesitant to come in as the virus lingers around. A catered lunch is awesome for incentivizing your workers to return to the office. You can provide this food and allow everyone to catch up with one another. Outside of meals, consider a few healthy snacks to keep people happy throughout the day. Bananas, granola bars, and cereal are a couple of great snacks that are good for your body.


Next, hand sanitizer on every floor will make your employees feel safe about the return. While the threat of the virus might not be at its peak, it’s always good to have some safety measures in place. Sanitizing the workplace will comfort all of your staff on a daily basis. Instruct your cleaning crews to do a very thorough job in the evening. When your staff returns the next morning, they’ll be delighted to find their workplace sanitized and free of any bacteria.


Meetings are a great way to ease back into things. Depending on who is around, call people to a conference room to get back up to speed. You’ll want a reliable conference room table for these meetings. If your table is too long, people won’t be able to see one another, and it becomes difficult to communicate. A round conference table is perfect for maximizing everyone’s point of view. You’ll also want to station a projector near the wall so you can show things from your computer.

Team meeting

New Goals

A new set of goals is fantastic for starting on a clean slate. After the pandemic, everyone will want to start fresh with a renewed purpose. At your first meeting, welcome your staff and outline some goals for the next fiscal year. You’ll be able to get everyone on the same page and ready to be productive. At this meeting, come up with some rewards for the office once these goals have been met. Your workforce will be pleased to know that they haven’t come back for nothing; there are specific, ambitious goals to be met.


Last but not least, decorations will set the scene for a warm welcome. Place some decorations at the desk of each staff member to brighten things up. Trinkets, postcards, and plants are some of the best objects to scatter around. The bottom line is that you want the office environment to feel different than before. When you can change the scenery for the better, your staff will be more motivated than ever before.

In conclusion, these are a couple of great ways to welcome your staff back into the office after COVID-19. There might be some things out of the ordinary, but there’s no reason you can’t welcome everyone with open arms. Get back into the office the right way.

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