8 Cool Tricks to Try with Dry Ice Next Christmas

Cold and cool- that’s dry ice for you! It allows party lovers to do cool and interesting stuff on almost no budget at all. It can be quite an educational tool when used as an ingredient for basic science projects. Dry ice has something for everyone regardless of age or party preferences!

However, even as you party, you must always remember that dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It can be quite dangerous when stored or handled inappropriately. It can cause, among other hazards, frostbite, asphyxiation, and dangerous explosions. Always handle dry ice with tongs, thick gloves, or any thick insulating material you could find.

Now that the year is coming to an end, what plans do you have for your Christmas or Christmas-themed party? To get you in the party mood, grab some dry ice NYC and try one of these 10 cool dry ice tricks:

1.   Christmas cocktail

Do you crave a snazzy cocktail this Christmas? Making one is easier than you’d imagine. You don’t even need to Google recipes. Just cut small pieces of dry ice into your cocktail and watch as the ice sublimates to produce a spectacular, overflowing, and smoky fog. It’s quite a flair! However, don’t drink the cocktail until all the dry ice has sublimated and disappeared. Dry ice can cause severe burns if ingested.

2.   A spoon song

Spoons can do magic when dipped in dry ice. If you are down for some spoon magic this Christmas, a singing spoon is exactly what you need. Just dip a metallic spoon in nearly-boiling water and give it a minute to get hot. Remove it from the water using a pair of tongs or gloves and press it against a block of dry ice. The heat from the spoon will cause sublimation in the dry ice, gradually turning it into carbon dioxide vapor. The vapor will cause rapid oscillations in pressure, causing the spoon to emit a sharp vibrating sound. You will get the impression that the spoon is either singing or screaming.

3.   Disappearing ice

This is a good trick if you want to wow kids below 5. All you need is a block of regular ice from your freezer and a block of dry ice. Place them on separate trays and set them side by side. Kids cannot really tell the difference between the two. That is why they will be amazed when the dry ice disappears mysteriously while the regular ice block melts into liquid form.

4.   Floating bubbles

This is another one for the kids. Just get a glass container and put warm water in it up to about an inch high. Add a few pieces of dry ice and watch as it sublimates into carbon dioxide gas. Using a bubble wand, blow bubbles from a bottle of bubbles into the glass container. The gas rising from the container will push the bubbles upwards, creating an illusion of bubbles floating in midair.

5.   Inflate a balloon or a glove

This is quite straightforward for an adult but extremely fascinating for kids. Just put a small piece of dry ice in a balloon (or a glove), tie the balloon at the top, and watch as the dry ice sublimates to fill up the balloon. The bigger the piece of dry ice, the more the inflation. If you want the balloon will pop, just add more ice!

6.   Smokey water

This is a simple setup of dry ice in warm water. The ice sublimates to form a cloud of carbon dioxide gas mixed with water vapor. Keep adding warm water and more ice in order to prolong the effect.

7.   Carbonating fruit

Set your fruit on dry ice pellets in a glass container, stir the mixture, and watch as the fruit freezes. By the time it’s freezing, the fruit will already be carbonated.

8.   Decorating a volcano cake

Hollow out the top of your cake, place a cup in the hollow part, put some pellets of dry ice in the cup, and then pour a little hot water on top of the ice. You will have a spectacular display of an erupting volcanic cake within seconds.


The Christmas season is here in full swing. If you want to be the cool adult in your family gathering, these tips will help you excite the little ones in the family. Dry ice NYC will help you make the holiday season as full of holiday cheer as never before!

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