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Comparium: Automated Website Testing Tool

Comparium: Automated Website Testing Tool

Online has become a common word in today’s world and people doing most of the work through an online process. It is the reason business owners also managing digital marketing to reach the customer directly. For this many companies have designed websites so that they can customer can explore their products and services. Today more than 1.5 million websites are offering the service and spreading awareness about their brand. To make sure that the website is working smoothly or not it needs testing. The website is just like a new world in itself and there you can explore a variety of services.

For testing the website you need to best tool and you have arrived at the right place. Comparium is One Of The Best Automated Testing Tool that works online. Some people think that the testing site means wasting lots of time and effort. But this fact gets wrong with the Comparium tool as it is the most convenient and effective one. It is the tool provides all features in one place so you do not need to test the site manually. This way, you can easily save lots of time and meet the set goal without any hassle. To reach customer you need a high functioning website with the perfect look then only it can attract an audience with ease.

The Website Needs A Security Check

It is the way through which you can confirm about website’s proper functioning in all browsers whether it is related to speed or design. When you post the site without testing about its security then it creates an issue in the future. We know that it feels daunting the plan but the testing security helps you to reach the customer without any hassle. Without security testing, you are giving invitations to bugs in the site and crash the site so that customers can’t reach to the company. With the use of Comparium you can easily test the site security quickly without wasting time and launch it to reach a target audience with ease.

Customer Oriented Tool

Comparium is a tool that keeps things simple and easy for customers or users while using it. To test the website you have to simply submit the URL of the site and then leave further work on the tool. Within a few minutes, the tool will run the site and will submit the result to the email address of users. This way, you do not need to sit in front of the system as another tool. It is the best tool to offer the opportunity to seek other work and meet the demands of people. The tool also develops software so that customers can enjoy new ideas and keep their site perfect with new features for high rate growth.

Support System

It is the tool that can easily have testing of the site on different browsers and operating systems. Comparium also supports different versions of browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and many more. This way, users can easily test the website compatibility and also allow testing in High Sierra, Linux, Window, Mac OS X Mojave, and many more. It is the one-stop-shop where you can seek everything that needs to make the website perfect.

Comparium: Automated Website Testing Tool

Comparium tool with different versions

Version 1.0

It is the version that is highly supportive and has started initially so that the test can go through different browsers and platforms. It is a quick testing tool and targets a large audience with ease. The best thing about the version is free of cost so that you can test the site and update it accordingly.

Version 2.0

It has arrived with additional features for understanding changing trends. This allows screen comparison automatically. This way you can create long term relationships and support systems through the site.

Version 2.5

It has been launched for meeting demands through new features. It supports different URL testing ant the customized timing. Once the testing is complete it offers results report offline through email and also tests the feature for a mobile device.

Version 3.0

This version offers quality checks with the internet speed and proxies. It also supports different ratios and custom selenium scripts. The version also adjusted the new concept of the virtual desktop and also supports real-life testing. 

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