Comparing Smart Assistants: Google vs Alexa vs Siri [Infographics]

A smart assistant is something that resides in every smartphone these days. They are like virtual robots always ready to serve the users. You must have encountered them on your smartphones. Now times have come when they are being embedded in devices which are dedicated smart assistants. Google home, Amazon Echo and Apple homepod are some of the examples of smart assistants dedicated to serve at home.

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At just one command like “Hey Alexa, order me some Sugar”. It will order it for you. It is not just limited to things like order, you can even ask it to sing you a lullaby.

Comparing Smart Assistants - Infographics

At present, there are a total of 3 major assistants produced by giants. They are made by Apple, Amazon and Google. When it comes to the performance, almost all the assistants work on the same logic, the only difference comes is in the protocols and the rules. What is even more interesting is the fact is that since they work on the base of artificial intelligence, they keep getting better with time. The more they are being used, the better they learn things about us.

A smart assistant is always alerted by a certain cue word. These cue words are Hey Alexa, Hey Siri and Ok Google. Once we utter these words, they have all our attention post which we can ask our query or just give an assertive statement. The process may appear very simple but it is very interesting yet very complex. Once the query reaches the assistant, it breaks down the statement and sends it to the server. At server, there exists an algorithm which has just one work which is to analyze the whole sentence and then frame the best response for the query. The below infographic is an excellent representation of how all the 3 assistants work side by side.

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