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Common Problems Faced by Landlords

Are you looking for tenants for your flat? Well, a relationship between a landlord as well as a tenant is documented in a lease agreement. However, in recent times, problems of tenants continually plague landlords. So, one possible solution which most of the landlords think might work is reducing the rent to maintain good tenants relationship.

Apart from this, sometimes lowering the rents affect the landlord’s profitability, and can cost landlords time, money as well as a resource to conduct the agreement. Moreover, the necessary turnover expenses such as marketing, lost rent, new paint, and of course appliance repairs might be outrageous. However, a tenant may vent his or her anger by purposefully damaging the property.

Even if you’re among a good landlord and do your best to build positive relationships with your tenants, in some cases, relationships merely sour. But rather than immediately issuing ejection notice you must have one on one conversation with your tenants. Further, today we have listed some of the common problems faced b Landlords and how you can get rid of it!

Common Problems Faced by Landlords

1. Tenants Refuse to Pay Rent

There are a lot of reasons why tenants hold the rents from landlords. It could because of Cash Flow, Shortages or Temporary Unemployment, to repair and maintenance disputes. Moreover, communication during this issue is quite essential, and as a landlord, you must understand the tenant and the nature of the problem and try negotiating the rent, if possible.

2. Bad Reputation of the Building

Most of the landlords face the issues like loud parties, people lingering in the shadows, there are multiple reasons apartments develop displeasing reputations which affect a landlord’s ability to attract well-qualified, respectable tenants.

So, to get rid of this you can change the name of the building, fix neglected landscaping, and repaint the building as quick as possible. This can help you remodel the building’s reputation.

3. Tenant Continually Disturbs the Neighbours

Tenant’s activities can directly impact the neighbors of the building. So to get out of the situation, you can do that by implementing a thorough screening process which can help eliminate major problems of tenants. It might not prevent future squabbles between neighbors.

4. The building has a High Tenant Turnover Rate

One of the most common problems which tenants face is to leave an apartment due to the significant repair disputes. Therefore, ensuring that all responses to maintenance requests are made professionally, high-quality as well as timely.

To create the most effective ways to maintain a positive relationship with your tenants. Moreover, if you want to make request easy, send out a monthly notice that tenants can check and then report an issue with the units respectively.

Other Common Tenant Problems

1. Pest Problems

No one wants to live in a flat where rodents as well as roaches running around. If you routinely avoid hiring an exterminator, you probably experience high turnover rates in your properties.

2. Roofing Issues

If you know that your building roof leaks fix it as soon as possible and try not to rent the property to an unsuspecting tenant, sometimes, the smallest leaks can lead to mildew and mold, because of water damage, or even make the roof cave in.

Moreover, it is best to schedule a showing when you entirely fix the building roof.

3. Broken Appliances

If your lease agreement States that the appliances within the building are legally your responsibility, then the maintenance and repair of those appliances are done by you! However, in case it needs a replacement then it is the responsibility of the tenant to do so!

Further, before the renter moves into the flat, it is the responsibility of the landlord to check each thing correctly and if anything is broken when he or she should fix it as soon as possible.

4. Issues with Security Deposit

Well, in case one of your tenants mistakenly believe that he or she can use the security deposit to pay for the last month’s rent, then you might going to face some significant problems. This particular confession occurs when a tenant believes that he or she isn’t required to pay the last month’s rent and that the landlord can simply use the security deposit as monthly rent.

However, the civil code states that a landlord can take the security deposit to cover all the month’s rent or unpaid rent during the lease, in case the tenant fails to pay anything. But again, the security deposit may not be enough to cover the last month expenses as well as other expenses.

In a Nutshell

It is being said that despite your best efforts, the relationship between you and your tenant is still not working, then it’s better to start the eviction process. However, you must also consult with your attorney to ensure that you’re following state and federal laws to do so, and don’t attempt to remove your tenant yourself.

Moreover, before evicting your tenant, you must shut off all the utilities, by removing the tenant’s belongings, or changing the locks on the main door of the complex or the tenant’s unit can have severe legal repercussions. Tell us about your bad experience with your tenants? In case you want to get 2BHK flats available in Mumbai do let us know in the comment section.

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