Choice Of Snacks Has Evolved Over Years For Healthy Snacking

Have you ever noticed people, and sometimes even you unknowingly, munch on nuts or bite on an apple when you are hungry? You may have also noticed that in most placed almonds and yogurt has replaced those candies and canned juices but you may not have put in an effort to know the reasons behind it.

Well, it is all due the rising awareness among people regarding snacking and the change in eating habits and tastes just to stay healthy.

The three most significant item of healthy snacking that you will find in almost every plate today are nuts, almonds and yogurt. Why? Well, read on to be enlightened!

Starting with nuts

People are going nuts over nuts as one of their most significant snacking item and there are good reasons one too may for it. In fact, this is the most versatile ingredient that accounts for a significant rise in the share of new product launches in the global snacks category that is ever evolving. According to the 2016 report of Innova Market Insights it is found that:

  • Nuts and seeds such as trail mixes account for more than 30% of the snack launches and
  • This has gone up 26.5% mark that was noticed five years back.

There are a lot of different factors that has resulted in such stupendous growth of nuts and its evolution as a popular snack item. These include:

  • New research on the health attributes of nuts
  • Its greater availability in various types and
  • Its versatile nature.

It is available in different flavors, coatings and packaging formats, thanks to the technological advances, which is another reason for its increased popularity and usage.

Preference for almonds

Available in different forms, almond is the particularly favorite item when it comes to snack nuts. It is the latest consumer eating habit and change in taste that has given rise to this trend. According to reports it is found that:

Almost a quarter of the snack nut products launched globally in 2016 featured almonds as the top ingredient and

In Europe, almonds were the number one nut introduced as a new product sharing almost 48% of the entire regional production amount.

One of the most significant reasons for the rise in number and volume of classic snacks delivery of almonds is its limitless flavor. It is much beyond the traditional raw range of snacks or even salted nuts for that matter. Now you will get almonds as smoked or in a caramelized variant as well.

The reason of such limitless potential offered by almonds is its unique ability to amalgam with other flavors. Apart from the traditional almonds variety, you will now get other different flavors and combinations of it in the market as well such as:

  • Honey
  • Lemon and
  • Ginger.

You may also find a few more exotic varieties such as wasabi and jalapeno which will make a spicy palate. In short, the on-trend combinations of almonds are expected to continue to evolve. This will raise the standard of its taste and in turn push the limits of savory and sweet profiles.

Helps in premium food pairings

Almonds help in food pairing much more than any other type of nuts. It can feature strongly in type of mixes over and above the traditional range of all other premium type of nuts such as pecans or cashews. The most unique thing about almonds is that you can mix it with fruits and seeds and still have the same effect and results.

You can expect to make much more than the old-fashioned dried fruit superfluities such as raisins.

Even the manufacturers of snacks are now mixing it will less common fruits, mixed fruits, super fruits, and seeds.

In addition to that and following the global trends and getting inspired by it the manufacturers are coming up with newer and more innovative add-ons with it such as coconut, goji, cottonseed, mulberry, apricot, and pineapple.

The health benefits

The rise in popularity and sales volume of nuts, especially almonds has gained momentum due to its ability, health properties and a clean label. Considering the report of Innova Market Insights once again it is seen that:

Nearly 40% of the global snack nut and seed launches use a health claim of some sorts

In the US it is more than 60% which indicates the health benefits of nuts and almonds that continue to resonate.

This is because nuts and almonds align seamlessly with the health claims relevant to today’s world. This includes different things such as the clean label, gluten free and in free from.

Gluten free is the most important and widely made claim globally. This, according to the report, accounts for 12% of all launches, especially those that included almonds as one of its primary ingredient.

There are other key claims made by the manufacturers that are associated with this tendency such as:

  • High in fiber
  • High in protein
  • Low cholesterol
  • Low sodium and
  • No Trans Fats.

In addition to that, the clean label platform encompasses more than one claim in the real sense. When it is marked natural, organic, no additives or preservatives, in most of the cases all of these are combined. Such claims accounted for about 23% of all nut launches.

Focusing on yoghurt

Another important snack item that is usually ordered by all people who love to eat healthy is yoghurt, especially Greek yoghurt. The sales of it have seen a significant upsurge which is once again due to the awareness and preferences of healthy snacking.

  1. The sales of Greek yoghurt in the global market according to a recent report have surpassed 5.6 billion dollars in 2018.
  2. Further, the market for Greek yoghurt is projected to grow at the rate of 7.4% in 2019.

All these are due to a myriad of health benefits that has made Greek yoghurt so popular in the recent years.

Therefore, if you want to stay healthy and develop a healthy snacking habit order for these items essentially. This way you will not only contribute to your health but also to the economy.

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