Children And Technology: Digital Age Parenting

The parents and carers of this day are dealing with a totally different set of challenges when it comes to parenting. These are mainly issues related to the use of social media, the internet, and technology.

Growing in this digital world it is important that the children are taught the healthy concepts associated with the usage of the internet and technology. Unless the parents and carers decide to lead by example there is little chance for this method to work.

The parents and carers of children need to ensure that they practice a healthy lifestyle and encourage their children to do so. This means they cut short the amount of screen time and spend more time outside their homes engaging themselves in sports and games or doing the household chores as a family.

Tahir Khan from Perpetual Fostering ( explains that in addition to being physically and financially healthy, carers must have a clean background that is free of any criminal activity. Every child needs a safe and secure environment and a healthy upbringing to become productive individuals who have much to contribute to society.

The Influence Of Internet And Technology

Yes. The internet and technology have made our lives much easier and you can’t live without it in this digital age. From paying bills, or doing online shopping to attending a course, or researching information for a school project we rely on these heavily. Besides, you can also get hours and hours of endless entertainment.

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Growing up playing with their parent’s smartphones, tablets or other digital devices most of the children are finding it difficult to live without it. Some of the parents give in to the demands of their children by allowing them to use their digital gadgets.

This gives the parents time for themselves where they can do things without being disturbed by their children. Several things like having a healthy conversation, or spending quality time with family are slowly declining from this generation owing to the excessive reliance on digital gadgets and the internet.

What Are Some Of The Major Things To Consider When It Comes To Digital Age Parenting?

  1. Parents need to be a role model: This means limited use of the internet and technology and spending quality time with your children
  2. Less screen time and more playtime and physical activities: Set limits on the usage of media and encourage more playtime
  3. Be a part of your children’s screen time
  4. Encourage face-to-face interactions
  5. Limit the usage of media depending on the age of your children
  6. Don’t use technology to pacify your kids
  7. Screen-free places and times at home for the entire family
  8. Warn your children about the dangers lurking in the digital world

Today the internet can be accessed anywhere be it at home or a public place and with the help of gadgets like a smartphone or tablets, kids are spending more time in this digital world. It’s quite easy for children to turn technology to keep themselves entertained. Teach your children all the beneficial concepts attached to the digital world and the importance of having restricted screen time.

Be sure to lead them by example so that they grow up to be healthy and happy individuals.

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