How to Choose Carpet Cleaners: Features to Look for

Carpet cleaning is a niche activity and it is not something that everyone has a lot of experience with. So, in order to determine the best carpet cleaners, we turned to the pros for their opinion on the dozens of popular carpet cleaning products on the market today that are worth the money and those that are not worth the hard. To a lesser extent, we considered that the pedigree of the brand was the subject of a consensus among the examiners and we weighed everything against the price to determine the best values. Also the same time you may visit ”the buyers trend” as well to learn more about carpet cleaners, especially in case if you want to buy the best carpet clear ASAP. 

Features To Look For In A Carpet Cleaner

Waste Tank Size

Whether it is a truck mounted carpet cleaner or a standalone model, there must be a waste tank to collect the dirt and debris removed from the carpet during the cleaning process.  The larger the material container, the less often you will need to empty it. On the other hand, if the waste tank of a stand-alone carpet cleaner is too large, this will affect the mobility of the machine. The main thing is to look for a waste tank which will not need to be emptied every 10 minutes, but which will not become so heavy that it will slow you down.

Weight at full capacity – This relates to what we have just mentioned about the transport around the waste tank when it is full. Adding a cleaning solution to any of the aforementioned carpet cleaners will add 5 to 15 pounds to the weight of the machine. When this solution is returned to the carpet cleaner filled with dirt and debris, it will be even heavier. You should therefore be aware of the amount of liquid you are going to move. Remember that the curb weight is not the weight you will have to bear when you use it.

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The Cleaning Solution

Cleaning solutions can be quite expensive, so you have to be careful when choosing one. The manufacturers of the various machines almost all produce their own cleaning solutions which they consider to be the best to use with their machines. But it doesn’t work like that actually. The metal and plastic collection called “carpet cleaning machine” doesn’t care which brand of cleaning solution you choose. So the most important thing is to make sure you choose the one that suits your type of carpet, no matter who makes it. Cleaning experts at Home Viable recommends running a stick vacuum over your floors to pick up any dirt before you apply any cleaning solutions.

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Hose Length

It may be a little easier to run the carpet cleaner with a short hose. But if your carpet stretches to remote locations, this little garden hose may not be enough to get the job done. Before setting up on a machine, carefully examine your carpet and determine if a short pipe is enough to reach each corner or if a longer pipe is needed. You don’t want to end up with dirty nooks that you couldn’t reach.

Cleaning Multiple Surfaces

Generally, a machine designed to clean several surfaces must be approached with a little more caution, simply because it is sometimes a handyman and a machine which is not made for that. In addition, these versatile machines sometimes cost more than just a carpet machine. So you need to ask yourself in advance if you need all the extra features or if a carpet machine alone is enough.

Noise Levels

There is no other solution. Carpet cleaning machines are quite noisy. Some are very noisy. The average noise level generated by most machines is around 80 decibels, some reaching around 85 decibels and others in a much more reasonable range of 70 decibels. It may not sound very different, but remember that 80 decibels is twice as loud as 70 decibels and 90 decibels is twice as loud as 80. This is why it is generally recommended to wear earplugs. Ears or ear muffs when using a carpet cleaner.


While some of the best carpet cleaners are a little faster than others, they all tend to average at the end of the day. If one machine claims it will clean your carpets twice as fast as another machine, you should be skeptical. Simply because you may have to sacrifice quality for speed and the only thing that will speed up the process significantly is to have a machine that will allow you to vacuum the moisture left in the carpet after the cleaning solution has done its job.

Ease of Use 

Most of the carpet cleaning machines on our list are fairly easy to use. You should keep in mind, however, that these do not vacuum cleaners. With the cleaning solution onboard, they will be much heavier than a vacuum cleaner. And because of their level of engagement with the carp, and they will be more difficult to push and pull than a vacuum cleaner will be. So even if they are relatively easy to use, they will require some physical effort.

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