Career Opportunities in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, has created significant buzz in the market. The increasing RPA Career Opportunities show that small and big companies more and more depend on automation processes to accelerate the workflow

Nevertheless, the career is comparatively new to the modern generation. So, it is still under speculation whether there will be better career opportunities in the field in future.

If you dream of changing the world with a meaningful Career Scope in RPA, then you need to make sure that you are joining an exciting and fulfilling job. And the possibilities are many. So, whether you are a student planning the first tentative steps into the career field or you are already a working professional looking for a job change, you must know the trends in the industry. 

Be the RPA developer.

One of the most desired job titles in the automation industry is that of an RPA developer. As robotic engineering has become one of the top 5 fastest-expanding fields in many countries, you will get good jobs as a developer. 

  • You will be in charge of developing, designing and managing the workflow optimization.
  • You have to be cross-functional with business analysis and business operations

To become a developer, you will need knowledge of programming languages. Also, you need to have an analytical mind and strategic planning skills. 

Be the RPA Architect or designer.

If you have worked as a software architect, then this job profile will be highly suitable for you. And it is a trendy job profile too. You need to translate the business requirements of a customer to define the value propositions of RPA and explain the scope of solutions. 

Your responsibilities include

The RPA Future Scope in this job role is extremely promising. 

Become the RPA analyst

This job role relates to the automation of all business-related aspects. 

  • You need to analyze a business and its processes,
  • Now you need to plan the applications that can integrate easily with the current system. 
  • Improve the opportunities to implement automation. 

Actually, at some point, the lines will blur between the job roles of an analyst and an RPA developer. While developers have to spend more time understanding the procedures that they have to automate, analysts have to use the RPA tools to build the application prototypes. 

RPA Project Manager

And here comes the most lucrative position in the industry. The person will be in charge of the entire project, right from setting the timeline, deadlines, budget, and schedules. In fact, if you are a good manager, you may have to work on managing multiple projects at a time. 

But for that, you have to gain several years of experience in the industry and also have a proper understanding of risk assessments. Also, you have to be very comfortable handling the clients. The managers have to demonstrate control power without being too authoritative to hamper the individual contributions of the team members. 

Skills required

For any job in the RPA Career Path, there are some skills that you need to have or master if you want a successful career graph. 

Understanding ability

You can automate the workflow of a company only when you understand the needs of the company. For that, you have to be an understanding person who can collect all data from different levels of management and employees to create the present structure of the company. 

Only then can you find out the exact areas where you can intervene and improve with some automated procedure. 

Strong analytical mind

Once you have got the existing workflow structure with you, it’s time to analyze the entire system. And here, you have to use your analytical mind to assess, compare, and conclude the effective changes in the system through automation. 

Knowledge and practical sense

The RPA Training In Pune will offer you knowledge about the entire process of RPA. But how you will implement the same in practical life depends on your practical sense to a large extent. The training courses will teach you the basics applicable to every industry. 

But when you start working in different industries, you will realise that the demands are quite different in the different industries. As a result, you have to find innovative solutions and automation processes to bring about effective changes. 

Salaries according to the job profile

The salaries of professionals in the RPA field vary depending on the designations and job profiles/ for instance, the annual salary of an RPA developer in India can vary between 3.2 Lakhs INR to 9 lakhs INR per annum. But the salary of the RPA manager will range between 11Lakhs INR per annum to 25.3 lakhs INR per annum in India. 

The salary of an RPA architect will vary between 9 lakhs INR and 28 lakhs INR per annum in India. So, on average, the salary scale is always on the higher side if you choose this field of work. 

Salaries according to location

It goes without saying that the salary in India is lesser than what you can get in the US. But even in India, the salary will vary depending on your location. For remote location jobs, you will always get higher amounts. 

The reason is simple. You will face more challenges in implementing robotic procedures in remote locations owing to the adverse surroundings and infrastructure. 

How & where can I learn about RPA tools?

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