Can we keep a Nataraja idol at home?

“For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen : 

A gaseous nebula must collapse.

So collapse


This is not your destruction 

But your birth.”

-Zoe Skyler

So what do this quote and Lord Nataraja Idol have in common?  Both of them are trying their best to teach us that change is inevitable. We should not waver at small or big changes but take it as a normal phenomenon and move on.

The Nataraja is the perfect example of such a lesson. He is the ultimate source of all the cosmic energy required to create a universe, run it and at last destroy it so that something new can be created from the ashes of the previous one. This cycle continues for infinity. It is an endless cycle. 

So the questions arise. Can we keep a Nataraja Idol at Home? Can we keep a symbol of the cosmic cycle at home? What are the benefits ? What is the meaning? Where should we keep at home? Don’t worry, we are here to answer all your questions. In this article we will talk about all of these aspects. To know more about them.

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What is the significance of the Brass idol of Lord Nataraja?

The brass idol of Lord Nataraja is one the most popular Iconography in hinduism. It represents the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva which results in destruction of the current universe to make space for a new one. The idol consists of many items which have their own meanings which enhances the message that the Brass idol of Lord Nataraja wants to convey. We have a list of such items written down below : 

  • Lord Nataraja can be seen dancing in the middle of a ring of Fire called Prabha Mandala.
  • The long dreadlock of Lord Shiva is the home of the holiest river for all Hindus which is River Goddess Ganga. The scattered dreadlocks in the air shows the overflowing energy that lord Nataraja is emitting.
  • The slight bend of legs is the beautiful display of craftsmanship as it shows the force of Lord Shiva’s cosmic dance. It adds a touch of realism in the statue.
  • Multiple arms of Lord shiva shows his divine powers, his numerous skills and his enormous strength.
  • The Upper right hand holds Damaru which is Lord Shiva’s beloved musical instrument. The sound of Damru echoes in the creation of the universe. The music of the Damru is the sound of the universe
  • The Upper left hand holds the Fire of Destruction which plays an essential role to help in creation of a new Universe.
  • The lower Right hand is seen with a cobra cradling his arm. The cobra is the symbol of divine feminine energy without which it is impossible to create anything.
  •  The lower right hand is in Abhaya Mudra. The Abhaya Mudra tells us not to fear. Lord Shiva tells us not to be afraid of the changes or the evils as he is always present as our protector. 
  • Lord Nataraja’s lower left hand points towards his left foot which is raised above the knee. He tells all the scared, troubled and distressed souls to take shelter in his Lotus feet. His raised foot shows the path of salvation.
  • Lord Shiva is standing on the back of the demon named Muyalaka. Muyalaka is a dwarf demon who is a symbol of g
  • reed, ignorance, and foolishness. As he is one of the very few demons who are blessed with immorality. Hence, it is said that Lord Nataraja is standing on his right foot forever.

What are the benefits of having a Brass Idol of Lord Nataraja?

  • Removes Negativity : If you are surrounded with people who are constantly fighting, arguing, scared, guilty and other emotions, then it is possible that you are surrounded with negativity. It is believed that worshipping the idol of Lord Nataraja will remove the negativity around you as it is believed that the idol overflows with energy and destroys all kinds of negativity present in the atmosphere. 
  • Brings Stability : If you are someone who always finds yourself in unwanted or unstable circumstances in personal as well as in professional life. Then it means that there is some obstacle in the flow of energy in our life. For such instances it is suggested that worshipping Lord Nataraja will help in removal of all the hindrances present in your life. 
  • Attain higher Spirituality : As the idol of Lord Nataraja is the  supreme source of all kinds of cosmic energy required for making and breaking the universe. Praying to the Nataraja form of Lord Shiva is said to destroy all kinds of illusion and selfishness. When a person lets go of their illusion of I, me and myself then they get ready to attain higher spirituality.
  • Removes Planetary Misalignment : when things are going downhill in your life despite your best efforts so it could be because of ill alignment of planets. Some people believe that having problems with the planet can have adverse effects in one’s life. To get rid of such things it is said that praying to Lord Nataraja is the best remedy.

Can we keep Nataraja Statue at home?

We have talked about Lord Nataraja and the elements that add another dimension to his stance. Along with some benefits that accompany the devotee who prays to him with a pure heart. So to answer your question in one word the answer is yes. You can keep a statue of Lord Nataraja at your home. The thing that you have to check is the expression of Lord Nataraja to make sure that he has a happy and serene expression on his face. 

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