Can I add lemon juice to kratom tea?

Everyone on this planet loves to change for the better unless they are very strict about their ideals. The debate centering around change may sound out of the way because kratom users are here for kratom. And, for those, you will get delivered what you clicked on. See, kratom is a great botanical; it is a widely accepted fact, but the magnitude of experimentation choices it gives its users is impressive. You can create almost anything with maeng da kratom powder, from pancakes to pasta.

However, you must stick to the recipe and cooking instructions. It will avoid blunders that may happen due to carelessness. Simply google, read, and gather the ingredients, and you are all set! Probably, you may be someone who likes to experiment with kratom and is bored of taking kratom powder as a medicine. Fret not, buddy! Here’s how you can go a bit further with kratom. Want to know how? Pick a lemon!

Lemon and Kratom- Really?

If you have been waiting until now to make the most of your kratom dose in the summers, lemon juice might be your ticket. Kratom and lemon juice makes up for an exceptional combo in terms of flavour plus effects. That’s why many users add the goodness of lemon while making kratom tea or vice versa. You can also add a pinch of kratom to your favorite lemonade. Ultimately, there are hundreds of recipes for you to try including your creations.

Okay! But Give me two legit reasons for pairing lemon with kratom!

Oh, so you’re a curious mind. You have all reasons to ask this question, and here are two legit reasons why lemon and kratom will prove to be a remarkable pair. The two big reasons are:

First, lemon complements the benefits of kratom and is hence a kratom potentiator. That is, adding lemon can increase the potency and efficacy of your kratom dose.

Second, many kratom users do not like the taste of kratom. Yes, the taste. Adding citrusy goodness like lemon juice enhances the flavor of kratom. So you may stop worrying about the taste now.

Other citrus fruits will do the same magic.

Yes, lemon is the most popular among citrus fruits, but it’s not the only beautiful fish in the pond. Jokes apart, adding any citrus fruit like grapefruit will do the same trick on your kratom dose. In simple words, citrus juices provide a boost to kratom powder.

How to mix kratom and lemon?

Now, you’re aware that kratom and lemon are a match made in heaven, so you have no reason to abstain from this pairing. But, how to pair them? You need not follow rocket science methods; just squeeze a lemon into your tea or toss and wash kratom with lemon juice. It is that easy. However, just make a delicious lemon kratom tea.

The result!

When you are all set with your kratom and lemon pairing, just relax and enjoy kratom the way you do mostly. In other words, it is the same red vein kratom powder, but in a new form with new energy. Try it!

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