Buy Now, Pay Later with Electro Finance

Electro Finance is a company dedicated to giving customers the best and most accessible lease-to-own options on electronics and appliances, and the site’s ‘buy now, pay later’ concept proves to be more practical than ever amidst the covid-19 pandemic

With Electro Finance, customers won’t need to waste their hard-earned money on down payment and still own the latesttechnology from the best brands. The company ensures transparent and flexible terms that allow the lessee to pay off that same plan whenever it suits his needs best—whether it’s in one month, six months, or five years later.With no zero upfront cost and flexible payment plans, it is as easy as one, two, three!

Electro Finance offers a wide selection of the latest appliances at affordable prices. With the products divided into eight categories: Computer & Tablets, TVs & Home Theater, Garage & Outdoor, Appliances & Vacuums, Video Games & Toys, Cameras & Camcorders, Speakers & Audio, Health & Fitness, and Smartphones.

Convenience without costs

Today, computer and tablets have become an integral part of daily living. Be it for work, school, entertainment and gaming, or all three, Electro Finance helps customers find the perfect gadget for their needs. The service also comes with an option of a complete bundle or a customized set-up. With many people relying on them for all their needs, whether it’s work or personal, the need for the best and highest technology is a must; and Electro Finance makes sure it will not break anyone’s savings!

Because of the pandemic, public spaces and gatherings have been shut down. That means society is forced to find ways to make the most out of isolation. But who says quarantine has to be sad and boring? Electro Finance helps people find the greatest deals to set up their own homemade theater and entertainment with appliances from 3D TVs, HDTVs, SmartTVs, LED TVs, speakers and accessories, and more!

Now, what could make quarantine even worse? A home appliance breaking down! Or maybe a kitchen remodel? Just imagine the hassle of driving down to the appliance store. Scouting for the best one, and waiting for it to be delivered and installed; all of which could take more than a week! 

This is why Electro Finance makes sure to do it all fast and stress-free through their user-friendly website. Customers can choose from awide selection of top brands and most dependable names in rent to own appliances, and have it delivered or picked up the same day in just a few steps!

How does it work?

To purchase, customers should apply for an account through Electro Finance’s website. Buy now, pay later with Electro Finance, because when it comes to life’s little luxuries like acquiring appliances and electronics. Everyone deserves convenience. 

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