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DMIT stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. This test involves a scientific study of brain lobes and fingerprint patterns. DMIT is highly beneficial in understanding the unique potential and personality of the children. The DMIT test technique was developed by scientist Dr. Howard Gardner along with the medical experts. The term Dermatoglyphics is derived from two words- derma and glyphe. Derma means ‘skin’, while glyphe means ‘curve’.

 DMIT is based on the concepts of Neuroscience, Psychology, Genetics, Embryology, and Dermatoglyphics. It has been approved by the scientists that fingerprints provide an accurate analysis of inborn potential and personality of the child. The test has been used as a measurement tool for the degree of intelligence. With the prominence, the test has been widely used in the field of school, college or educational institutions.

The Concept behind DMIT

Fingerprints are developed during the 13th and 19th week of an embryo. Fingerprints are closely linked with the mind development of an infant. It has been proven by many researchers or scientists that there is a link between fingerprint patterns and human brain lobes.

The development of fingerprints depends on distribution and proportion of brain lobes. Fingerprints demonstrate different characteristics of individuals. Even the medical experts have confirmed that fingerprints of each individual are unique. The ridge present in the fingerprints can be analyzed to get information about brain lobes. DMIT is based on brain analysis, which is instinctive, adaptive and responsive.

DMIT is growing with every passing day and more and more people are taking efforts towards their child’s education. Enrolling your kids at an early age would ensure them a better future. DMIT has a great scope not only in the education sector, but also in the employment sector as well.

Advantages of DMIT

  • DMIT is highly beneficial in knowing the inborn abilities and learning style of your child. The test can be used to determine the hidden talents, characteristics and potential of the individuals.
  • DMIT helps parents understand their children in a better way, which helps in communicating with them effectively.
  • DMIT discovers the weaker areas of the brain which can enable parents to support their kids in helping them overcome their weaknesses.
  • The parents can explore natural capabilities and nature of their child, which can prove highly beneficial in learning the habits and capacities of the child.
  • DMIT can help you save time and energy as you would not waste the energy of your child in learning courses or subjects that are not made for them.
  • DMIT is also beneficial for children with special needs such as Down syndrome, Autism and hyperactive, etc. It would improve understanding with your child and make the process of maintaining relationships easier and effective.

The human brain is the most fascinating organ. During the development of the brain, 250,000 neurons are added every minute. The right side of the body is responsible for controlling the left side of the body and vice versa. The American doctors discovered a strange case where the baby was born without a brain. In that case, it was noted that the absence of the brain was linked with the absence of fingerprints as well. It was also found that children with Down syndrome have fingerprints with distinguishable characteristics. Dermatoglyphics is a branch of science that explains the hidden characteristics, potentials and abilities of the children. This test can be used to find inborn abilities and give suggestions as per the personality of the person. It has been rightly known that every individual acquires unique characteristics from their parents and there is no way of developing intelligence, reasoning, application, memory, etc. With the help of dermatoglyphy, the distribution of the number of cells in each side of the brain can be calculated which is highly beneficial in calculating the innate potential of the individual.

Different Aspects Measured by DMIT

  • DMIT can help compare and distribute of MI (left & right brain)
  • Personality type
  • Your learning style
  • MI-related talent
  • MI-related childhood actions
  • MI-related adulthood actions
  • Promoting the sense of the value of life and happiness
  • Strengthening communication and interaction skills
  • Building competency and compatibility
  • Inborn MI and present MI ranking & process chart
  • Developing the art of appreciating people

With the help of DMIT, you can get information about all these aspects of your child’s personality. Getting knowledge about all these aspects would help parents know more about their child, strengthen their relationship and give them a bright future. DMIT is highly beneficial for students as it helps them choose the right courses for their career path. It makes them what are the most effective ways of learning and what tips to be adapted to take your career to the next level.

If you want your kid to benefit from all these aspects, it makes sense to get in touch with the companies offering DMIT software. The software follows a unique design with an attractive presentation and well-explained contents.

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