Biggest Interior Design Trends in Australia Today

This decade is quite exciting when it comes to design (and everything else). With all the different trends from previous years in Australia touching, blending and overlapping, 2021 interior design is retro yet modern, minimalism yet maximalism and new yet old. If you’re planning a remodel of your house or apartment, keep these following trends in mind and have the coolest home in all Oz.

Simple and natural aesthetics

Due to Covid-19 and being stuck inside for days, the natural earthy tones that ruled our clothing in 2020 have finally penetrated our homes. When it comes to 2021 trends, the overall aesthetics in Australia will lean to heavy textures, browns and beiges, antique pieces and vintage furniture. Both interior designers and homeowners are investing more and more into materials and textures that are imperfect, imitate natural movements and contain moments of organic rough appeal that’s so attractive today.

Natural colour palette

When it comes to Australians embracing natural aesthetics, we can’t forget the colours. The 2021 colour palette will contain many warm colours that can be found in the dirt around us, as well as metal ores, chocolate shades, terracotta and classic browns. These colours will ground any individual, yet their work pretty well with typically bright and white (or other neutral colours) interiors of Australia. If you look into the meaning of this trend a little deeper, you will find the tactile and visual dryness of the Australian bush and desert. But if you’re satisfied with staying on the surface of things, it’s important to note that it all started with Dulux naming ‘Brave Ground’—a stoic earthy beige—their colour of the year for 2021.

Green upgrades

Home renovations are a big deal in Australia, and more and more people invest in them in order to boost energy and water savings at home. In 2021, renos will continue to be green, and biophilia will influence building design, materials and layouts. There are new technologies in glazing, insulation, energy saving and building engineering that Australians are embracing today to achieve better energy efficiency at home and especially to reduce their reliance on ACs.

Unique kitchens

Australian kitchens are evolving constantly. As well can see all over the continent, modern kitchens in Australian homes are turning more and more into practical living spaces thanks to the small touches of furniture that reflect the décor of the rest of the space. Companies specializing in home renovations in Australia focus on careful placement of the fridge, stove, sink, and storage to make your new kitchen safer and more functional. This trend of mixing functionality with comfort in the kitchen will also make this space more inviting—sharing tea and biscuits or a glass of wine at the kitchen bench while your partner cooks is a small pleasure we need to cherish.

Metal cladding

Today, the entire world, not just Australia, has the need for sustainability, safety and wellbeing at home, so it’s not a surprise that metal cladding is one of the big new trends. Due to issues with combustible materials, we can see more and more designers switching from timber slats to copper (it has antibacterial properties), zinc and steel.

Indigenous patterns

Another big trend in Australia, and soon the world, is the development and display of materials with raw finishes and clear touch of the artist. For instance, just picture perfectly imperfect wax dyed fabrics, Javanese batik and Malian cotton. In Australia, we just recently has the collaboration between mother and daughter of Indigenous origin—Melissa Greenwood and Lauren Jarrett—who make up Miimi+Jiinda and produce printed bed linen and homeware. According to their words, their design is inspired by their Gumbaynggirr women belonging to an Australian Aboriginal group that’s matriarchal and that holds women sacred and highly revered in the community.

Achieving peace and quiet

It’s not surprising that we crave tranquillity at home, especially when the outside world is so chaotic. A peaceful and quiet design is a direct response to Australians’ needs because people crave balance and calm. Their home is a place that allows them to switch off, go offline and tune out all the endless notifications. But don’t think you need to turn into a complete loner. Tablescaping is still a big deal since people are continuing to entertain at home instead of eating and partying outside.

Australia has always been a trendsetter when it comes to not only interior design but design in general. While you don’t have to conform to trends, these ones will truly make your life better, safer and more comfortable.

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