Best Video and Game Recording Software for Windows 

iTop Screen Recorder is a video and game recording software for Windows users and professionals who need to make videos. It can be used to record e-learning classes, online meetings, gaming sessions, instructional videos/ tutorials, etc with no hassle.

The software has the game recording mode, screen recording mode, and audio recording mode for different users.  When recording, iTop Screen Recorder employs the H.264 codec to ensure a good video quality even when compressed into a smaller file. Thanks to the software’s game recording ability, game videos, and gaming sessions can also be recorded on full screen with no lag.

iTop Screen Recorder has a clean UI to attract YouTubers, professional video editors, and producers to capture screens. Thanks to the great screen recording functionality, users can record games with the best FPS, if they have configured the output, video, and FPS settings properly before beginning the recording.

The feature to add a webcam overlay to the recording screen allows users to include webcam footage on the recording screen. Meanwhile, video settings allow users to see hotkeys such as the pause and record/stop hotkeys when recording their game. They can also add mouse click effects and show the mouse cursor. In the FPS settings, you can set FPS limits. All of these game recording capabilities work together to assist the user in completing high-quality work.

The screen recording mode in iTop Screen Recorder is just as dynamic. The pen drawing, for example, is a fun feature that allows users to create their own personalized output. They can also use arrows and circles to highlight the recording items.  These draw features are ideal for creating video tutorials.

Key Features 

How to Record the Screens?

Step 1: To capture your screen as a video, click Record Screen.

To record the screen, please click the red Record Screen button. To record an area or window, click the drop-down button next to Full Screen and select Select Region or Select Window. It also allows you to record in a fixed ratio or with the most recently used recording size.

Step 2: Configure the Speaker, Microphone, Mouse, and Webcam settings.

You can quickly set whether to record Speaker, Microphone, Mouse, and Webcam with your video by clicking the On/ Off button in the middle of the main screen. If you see N/A next to any functions, it means the device isn’t installed or connected to your computer.

Step 3: To begin recording, press the REC button.

When you press the red REC button, it will begin recording after a 3-second countdown and you can set the hotkeys to start and stop the recording.

Step 4: Save the video and edit it

Set the customized video size, output format, and frame rate before recording and saving the video. Cut the video to any length, and add music or filters using the built-in video editor.

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